Puebla de Sanabria has become one of those must-see places in Spain. It belongs to the province of Zamora, autonomous community of Castilla y León. It is located in the north of Portugal, being, since its foundation in the 10th century, a strategic place for the defence of the region from the attacks and sieges of invading peoples.

The capital of the region of Sanabria has an untamed beauty that invites to be explored from end to end. Thus, you will have the opportunity to visit places with real charm such as its historic centre, one of the best preserved in the country; the Lake Sanabria. The Church of Santa María del Azogue, the Castle of the Counts of Benavente or the Hermitage of San Cayetano.

Our friends from Busca Rutas tell us a little more about Zamora and about Zamora and about Puebla de Sanabria in this post.

Its architectural heritage and its powerful monuments have made this medieval town, recognized as one of the Most Beautiful Villages of Spain, received in 1994 the distinction of Cultural Interest. And its natural treasures, which it owes largely to its proximity to the rivers Tera and Castro, make it one of the best destinations for this year.

Today we are going to present you a useful guide about things to see and places to visit in Puebla de Sanabria. We will go in depth about one of the places where rural tourism is really fantastic. Grab your luggage and travel with us to the heart of this village steeped in glitter, history, friendly people and almost wild beauty.

What to do in Puebla de Sanabria?

An excursion to Puebla de Sanabria will allow you to get to know dream places. Stroll through its streets and discover why it is one of the most popular tourist destinations of recent times. Here are some of the places you can’t miss in your travel itinerary:

Castle of the Counts of Benavente

It is a magical place full of surprises. Also known as Puebla de Sanabria Castle, it was built in the middle of the 15th century by the Counts of Benavente. If you walk inside you will find exhibition rooms, tools of the House of Culture, the Tourist Office and the Centre of Fortifications.

Church of Santa María del Azogue

The Gothic style temple was built between the twelfth and seventeenth centuries, being one of the most iconic places of the town. Among the most representative figures or themes, you will find the image of Adam and Eve tempted by the serpent. But you will be struck by the organ inside, which dates back to 1780.

Sanabria Lake

It is considered one of the most important glacial lakes in Europe. With beautiful beaches and fantastic views, this place is suitable for swimmers and fishing enthusiasts. The National Park has all the services for a comfortable and relaxed walk.

Rent canoes and boats; or if you prefer, hop on a catamaran and sail its delightful waters. In Casa del Parque de San Martín de Castañeda you will get interesting information about the village and you will have a panoramic view of the Monastery of Santa María.


For adrenaline lovers, the hiking trails available in Puebla de Sanabria are perfect for a bit of physical activity and to get to know more about the natural environment. Enjoy interesting walks along routes from Cañón de Tera to the popular Cueva de San Martín, Cañón del río Cárdenas, Cascada de Sotillo to Lago de Sanabria and Pico del Fraile.

Walls of Sanabria

Being a fortified city, don’t miss the opportunity to visit its walls. They were strategically erected in the 12th century to protect the place and today they are one of the main tourist attractions. You can find them very close to the castle. Once there, let yourself be surprised by its unique views.

Where to eat in Puebla de Sanabria?