There are those who have not yet heard of Peratallada, a medieval village in the province of Girona that for its beauty and charm has begun to arouse the interest of hundreds of tourists who visit each year the autonomous community of Catalonia.

With just over 100 inhabitants, this small town on Spain’s Costa Brava looks imposing. It has a well-preserved historic quarter (better than other towns in the region), mainly made up of old fortifications, for which it has been declared a Historic-Artistic Site.

Peratallada is one of those destinies that is not left to anyone.

Walking its streets, knowing its history and learning from its cultural legacy is one of the best life experiences you will have in years. That is why we invite you to tour every corner of this village in the municipality of Forallac and enjoy monuments such as Peratallada Castle or Sant Esteves Church.

What to do in Peratallada?

You’ll have plenty of time to tour Peratallada. It is such a small village that you can explore it in just one day. However, we will tell you what to see and what to do in this place whose fortifications were carved on a large stone. And for that reason its name “Peratallada”.

Church of Sant Esteves de Peratallada

It is one of the most iconic monuments in the region. Of simple construction, this church looks beautiful and imposing, although its interior is much smaller than it seems. Its Romanesque style makes it perfect for posing for a good photo. Sant Esteves Church is generally closed to the public, but you can request a guided tour at the tourist offices.

La Roca Street

It is one of the points of greatest interest, where you will also notice why the name of Peratallada. Everything, absolutely everything, in this street is made of the rock on which the village is built. Also in this street you will find the bedrock, so an escape through this place during your visit to Girona will leave you breathless.

Torre de las Horas

For the 13th and 14th centuries walls were built around the castle. But they were never finished. And by the 16th and 18th centuries the same walls were rebuilt. Today, little of them is still standing. But what can be appreciated are some towers. One of them is the popular Torre de las Horas (Tower of the Hours) which was, without further ado, the public clock of the town.

Castle of Peratallada

Peratallada Castle can be seen from the outside. But to contemplate even its façade is an incomparable experience. In the company of a guide, you will learn about the history of this place that has become one of the icons of the town. You can’t fail to include it in your list of places to visit.

Voltes Square

Plaza de las Voltes is a neuralgic area in Peratallada. It is a place with a lot of life to which the locals go to spend time in good company. In addition, it has become a point of great tourist interest.

Where to eat in Peratallada?

Peratallada has a wide range of restaurants to taste high-end Catalan dishes. Good food, excellent seasoning and exquisite attention. All that and more in our selection:

Cala Nena

It is a small restaurant with a varied menu, delicious dishes, good decoration and an unbeatable quality-price ratio. It is a place to eat delicious and repeat as many times as necessary. It has few tables, so reservations are recommended and It is located in Placa de los Voltes 11.

Restaurant Can B

Restaurant Can B offers a combination of dishes that you are sure to love. Prawns or stuffed monkfish eggs are a great option to please the palate. The service is excellent and the treatment, quite cordial. It is located in Placa Voltes, 13 – Baix Empodá.


The kitchen work is really amazing. The dishes are very well prepared, but the very personal decoration of each one of them draws much attention. Try the rice with prawns and you will be fascinated. It offers good service, a pleasant atmosphere and comfort zones. It is located at Major, 9.

Where to sleep in Peratallada?

Donde dormir

If you have planned a trip to Peratallada you have to know which is the best accommodation to sleep comfortably and quietly. Find out here which are the most recommended options for a safe and comfortable accommodation:

Hotel Aatu

This is a rural hotel with beautiful gardens, outdoor swimming pools and quality services. Its rooms will allow you quiet nights to rest. It has free Internet access, satellite TV and a lounge area. The best thing is that from here you can start hiking or cycling routes.

El Cau de Papibou

Just 15 kilometres from the Spanish Costa Brava is one of the most recommended hotels in the area. Yes, it is El Cau de Papibou, a building located within Peratallada that offers spacious and comfortable rooms, free wifi, flat screen TV with satellite channels and other services that guarantee excellent accommodation.

Can Coll Peratallada

It is one of the favorite places for tourists to stay. It has 4 bedrooms, kitchen, 1 bathroom with bidet and outdoor swimming pool. It has services such as free Internet service, TV with satellite channels, free private parking, among others.

How do I get there?

The time has come to leave for Peratellada and here we will tell you the best way to travel if parts of the city of Barcelona. If you travel by car, you will travel a distance of 129.4 kilometers that you could complete in 1 hour and 30 minutes if you drive at a moderate speed. The fastest route to your destination is AP-7.

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