Pazo de A Saleta is a farm of at least 5 hectares, designed with an exquisite English style and located in the town of Meis in Pontevedra. It is considered a botanical treasure highly appreciated since 1968 when its new owners, the British couple formed by Robert and Margaret Gimson, decided to turn it into one of the most beautiful gardens in Spain.

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It is that in their eagerness to see the land bloom and give color and life after the arrival of springs, the couple acquired seeds of different plants from all over the world for subsequent planting. And with the help of the landscape architect, Brenda Colvi, they transformed the place into a splendid enclosure. There are classified and labeled species such as cork oaks, eucalyptus, oaks, azaleas and rhododendrons, protaceae, South American euricaceae, among others.

But what really attracts attention and what could be considered the jewel in the crown of the Pazo de A Saleta are the species of red, white, reticulated, marbled and violet camellias introduced many years ago and for which it has been awarded a Gold Camellia and special prize Antonio Odriozola. To learn more about this space of delirious beauty, take a look with us at the following guide.

What to do in Pazo de A Saleta?

The Pazo de A Saleta is an essential place. Of those that you must include in your travel itinerary in the Autonomous Community of Galicia. A tour through its magical gardens of beauty will allow you to appreciate one of the most important botanical heritage of Spain.

You have to know that the name of the farm comes from the chapel of the Virgen de la Saleta that was built by Colonel Severo Pérez Cardecid between 1863 and 1870. The work is still standing and is an obligatory stop during the guided tour of the pazo.

In the same way, near the chapel, the vestiges of what was once the farmhouse, made up of a dovecote and a hórreo, which are, without further ado, a fundamental part for a pazo to be considered as such, are still preserved.

But the most important thing to see are your gardens. So don’t miss the opportunity to get lost in the vegetation and colorful camellias of this farm that is also part of the Camellia Route.

This place is open to the public. You can enjoy a quiet walk every day of the year; however, it is advisable to travel in spring to see the 170 species of camellias, which make up the 1500 specimens of plants, in all their splendor.

Where to eat in Pazo de A Saleta?

After strolling through the gardens of Pazo de A Saleta and learning about its history, it is time to have a snack in the restaurants close to the area to be visited. Here is our best selection:

Casal do Umia

For the quality and abundance of the food, it has become one of the favorite restaurants. But it is the taste and seasoning that has earned it a good reputation. If you choose Casal do Umia to taste Galician dishes, be sure to try octopus, clams, baked fish or zamburiñas. It is located in Campo da Vila, 2 C Oubiña, Cambados, 0.5 kilometres from Pazo de A Saleta.

A Fonte Do Viño

There are many reasons to choose A Fonte Do Viño for a delicious meal. But we will mention only three of them: quality seafood, own wine cellar and exquisite taste. Don’t forget to try the octopus, the clams a la marinera and the steamed mussels. In the same way, don’t miss the opportunity to drink some of the best Albariño wine. It is located in Plaza de As Rodas, Cambados, 4.1 kilometers from the Pazo de A Saleta.

A de Luis

Just arriving will make you feel at home. The attention of the waitresses will be unsurpassed and not to mention the calm and cozy atmosphere that guarantees A de Luis. They offer a well prepared menu of the day, made up of seafood of the highest quality. The abundance of their dishes and the relation quality-price is a great advantage. Find it at Rua Real 16, Pontevedra.

¿Dónde dormir a Pazo de A Saleta?

Of course a good trip should include good accommodation. And here we will tell you where you can stay near Pazo de A Saleta:

Hotel Real Cambados

A few kilometers from our destination is Hotel Real Cambados. It is a renowned place of accommodation that has set the tone for its good taste and for offering comfort to guests. It has services such as parking and free Internet access, bar and lounge, golf course and excursions.

Parador de Cambados

If you are looking for a good and nice place for a weekend in Pontevedra, Parador de Cambados is a good accommodation option. It has free parking, internet access without surcharges, bar and lounge, swimming pool, and bike rental. Its rooms are comfortable enough to rest in complete calm.

Hotel Playa Compostela

The attention is first class and the services, insurmountable. Hotel Playa Compostela is one of the best rated hotels near Pazo de A Saleta in the area. It has free parking and Internet access without surcharges. It is very close to the beach and the rooms are quite comfortable.

How do I get to Pazo de A Saleta?

One of the nearest cities is Vigo. So if you visit Pazo de A Saleta from there, the journey will be at least 35 minutes by road. The route is 43 kilometres long and the road is properly signposted, so you will certainly not need a map to get there.