The December holiday arrives and with it, many people enjoy a few days off to rest. This year, due to the health situation, it will not be a holiday for long journeys or trips like other years. However, there is always some plan to make that allows you to oxygenate and charge batteries to continue with the daily routines.

In this post, we will try to give you the keys about what plans you can make to disconnect during this December holiday. Depending on which Autonomous Community you live in, we offer you a list of suggestions from our list of destinations to plan a short break.

A holiday in Galicia

Galicians or residents in Galicia who do not have any perimeter limitations, will not lack a good variety of plans to do in nature, free of overcrowding. For example, good ideas are the plans that we present in our article on Plans for getting lost with friends. Here you will find information about wonderful places and plans to get lost in the heart of the Lugo mountains of Ancares and Caurel, or in the mountains of Pena Trevinca in Ourense. You can also use the December’s Holiday to make softer routes as a walk, such as those offered by the Camellia route. 

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Maybe in Andalucía


Andalusians without any restriction of movement are in luck, since they enjoy a region of kilometres and kilometres of beautiful natural places that are not overcrowded. Obviously, there are places which, due to their uniqueness or repercussions, are always more crowded than others, such as the Torcal in Antequera. On the other hand, one of the star destinations of this period is undoubtedly Sierra Nevada, both for hiking and skiing. In our article about the ascent of the Veleta peak in Granada, we tell you all about this route. Furthermore, among other places we can point out the wonderful Sierra de Grazalema or the extensive Natural Park of the Sierra de Huétor.

Maybe on holiday in Navarre?

Selva de Irati

Navarre is one of the communities with the most cultural heritage in the French Way. If you are here, you will be able to enjoy visiting mythical villages along the Jacobean route, such as Roncesvalles, Estella or Puente la Reina. You will also be able to plan your trip in the countryside, in surroundings of great value such as the Irati Forest. In our article “Discover the Irati Forest”, we tell you all about this impressive place.

Also in La Rioja

Santo Domingo de la Calzada

In Rioja, you have the option of escaping to the Valdezcaray ski resort. It is a little overcrowded resort, so it is perfect. Besides, Valdezcaray ski resort is very close to the mythical Santo Domingo de la Calzada, so you can combine a plan in the snow with a cultural plan.

…or in Cantabria

Cantabria is a privileged region in terms of natural elements. There are an infinite number of routes and walks to take through its immense and beautiful protected areas. You can do a route through the Saja Besaya Natural Park, through the Dunas de Liencres Natural Park, or through the Oyambre Natural Park.

Other plans

paseo en familia

On the other hand, if you have the possibility, you can always try to visit one of the small villages on the Camino de Santiago. In our article on the most charming villages on the Way, we present you with a selection of the villages most appreciated by the pilgrims.

What if I have movement limitations?

If you are in a closed area because of the virus, don’t worry. You have to try to get the positive things out of having a few days’ rest. Think that even if some of the services in your municipality are suspended, you can always carry out some activities outside. You can go for a walk or go on short routes with your family, which we are sure will serve as an antidote to monotony. Besides, it can always be a good time to take up again some hobby that you have left aside due to lack of time. You can also invest some of your time in planning a spring or summer getaway. If you have a dog, the Camino de Santiago can be a good option.

Bear in mind that although we are living a complicated situation, there are always an infinite number of plans and things to do in a less crowded environment, without large crowds and covid free. And you, what plan are you going to have for this December Holiday? Dare to share ideas and suggestions with us.

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