The Faro of Ortegal as an infrastructure is not at all imposing and this has to be said. It is a simple cylindrical tower about 13 meters high made of concrete, with a strip of red color that stands out, and was built from 1984 by the engineer Jaime Arrandiaga.

However, around this work located in the town of Cariño, Spanish province of A Coruña, it is possible to enjoy majestic views that leave everyone amazed and eager to return.

Built near cliffs over 600 metres high, the Faro of Cabo de Ortegal, the northernmost in the country, is there to warn sailors and sailors of the dangers of the Cantabrian coast. It has history, of course. Many, the inhabitants of the cape would say. And that, too, has caught the attention of tourists.

But to learn more about what it is and why it’s a perfect place to visit and disconnect, take a look at the guide below.

What to do in Faro of Ortegal?

Cabo de Ortegal

With a range of 19 miles and a white light capable of rising 124 metres above sea level, the Ortegal Lighthouse is an essential destination. In fact, for some it is the place where the best views of the entire Spanish coast are possible.

Start the route to the lighthouse from Ortegal, a fine region, with surprising natural scenery and people so friendly that you will surely feel at home. Do not forget your camera to portray in images the best of this town.

Cabo Ortegal

When you arrive at the lighthouse you will discover the surprising reason why it keeps attracting the attention of tourists. It is located in a privileged place and in front of it there will be the opportunity to see sceneries such as:

The Aguillóns in front. There are three imposing rocks, extremely sharp and dangerous, where we can see locals looking for barnacles.

– The Estaca of Bares to the east.

– To the west, Punta do Limo and even more impressive, Vixía Herbeira, the highest cliff in Europe with 613 meters above sea level.

You will be fascinated by the panoramic views, but also by the contact with nature that will renew your energies.

Where to eat near to Faro de Ortegal?

After leaving Faro Ortegal and its fascinating view, we go directly to the selected restaurants to eat delicious and taste the Galician gastronomy.


You won’t resist their Galician broths, barnacles, stewed skate or their fried cockles. The dishes are all a delight, available to pamper your palate and leave you more than satisfied. Not to mention the price that is more than appealing. It is located in Rosalía de Castro 1, Hotel Cantábrico.

Bardancas Taberna

The best of Galician food is in Taberna Bardancas. Famous Padrón peppers with cheese and criollo will not leave for more because they are succulent. The best thing is the attention of its caregivers and the good vibe of the establishment. It is at 158 Constitución Avenue, Cariño.

Australia Restaurant

There’s a lot of variety. From delicious cod to pil- pil and even pizzas. The portions are unsurpassed, but the seasoning and flavor will surprise you. The service is excellent and the atmosphere is unbeatable. If you want to visit it, go to Constitución Avenue 25, in front of Correos.

Where to sleep near to Faro de Ortegal?

You will find the best accommodations in Cabo Ortegal in this guide, so pay attention to our selection:

Cabo Ortegal Hotel

It is one of the hotels located near the Ortegal Lighthouse best valued by guests. This Hotel has cozy rooms, specialized service, free WiFi connection and breakfast option. It is located at Rúa Santos, 8, Cariño.

The Cepa

La Cepa is a hostel located at 102 Constitución Avenue, in Cariño. It offers simple but comfortable rooms. It also has a bar-restaurant that stands out for its terrace. Without a doubt, it is an essential place that guarantees comfort at a very good price.

Traffic light of Bares Hotel

With good services and excellent location, Hotel Semáforo de Bares has stood out for its good taste and unparalleled attention. It has a restaurant, terrace, laundry service and comfortable rooms. It is located in the parish of Santa María de Bares del Concello de Mañón.

How do I get there?

Faro de Ortegal

The route to reach Cabo de Ortegal, where the local lighthouse is located, is simple. If you travel by car from A Curuña to Santiago de Compostela, take the AP9 and then the AC862. From there take a small detour that will lead you to Cariño.

If you leave from Oviedo take the A8 road to the village of Villalba. Take the detour on the AF64 and then exit 33 to Ortigueira. Then, continue along the route until Cariño.

Now, if you are in Madrid and would like to drive to the cape, take the A6 to the town of Baamonte. Then take the AG64 and exit 33 until you reach Ortigueira. Finally, take the road that will finally take you to Cariño.