Galicia is one of the most diverse places in Spain. Its culture, the Camino de Santiago, its extensive beaches and its green forests are a perfect choice to visit this summer. We propose a perfect option to travel along its roads and get to know its towns and cities inside out: take a motorhome route through Galicia. Are you in?

Galicia, ideal destination for motorhomes

The times we are living in have changed the way we must travel. The Covid-19 has caused us to leave aside the most crowded tourist places, to choose quiet and safe destinations. This is why a route through Galicia by motorhome with children can be the perfect plan for the summer. Also with friends or as a couple. The variety of natural sites it offers, in addition to a very good road network, makes it a very easy destination to travel by road.

The variety of natural sites it offers, as well as a very good road network, makes it a very easydestination to travel by road.

But what if we want to travel through this wonderful area by motorhome, but we don’t have one with which we can put the odometer to add numbers? Don’t worry, because our friends at Yescapa they take care of everything, and they can help you to start your trip.

Another advantage of visiting Galicia by motorhome is the low cost that we must assume. We must bear in mind that with a motorhome we save on transport and accommodation, two of the aspects that most increase the costs of a trip. In addition, we will be able to visit each place at our own pace, deciding where we want to spend more or less time.

If we want to travel around Galicia as a couple and a motorhome seems too much, another option is to rent a camper van. These vehicles are much more manageable and offer different possibilities for the traveller.

Camping with motorhome

Coastal route

Motorhome rental in Galicia is an option that we should not miss if we want to know this land in depth and discover the most iconic places.

If we are looking for a holiday on the coast, we can start our route from A Guarda in the south, very close to the border with Portugal, on the Portuguese Way. In this village sheltered by the historic mountain of Santa Tecla, you can enjoy excellent seafood and rice dishes. But that will be with you for the whole of your coastal motorhome tour!

From here we can drive 30 km north to reach the town of Bayonne. This is another town that you have to walk through to admire the life that is breathed in the Galician streets during the summer.

How about a swim in one of the best climates in Galicia? Following our motorhome route to the north, we arrive at the town of Sanxenxo. It is worth visiting with children as it has an excellent beach, as well as an important tourist infrastructure.

We will have to travel quite a few more kilometres on our Galician motorhome adventure to reach the iconic Fisterra Lighthouse. This lighthouse is the westernmost lighthouse on the European continent, and is known as the lighthouse at the end of the world. What better way to end our coastal route through Galicia than here, in the place where all roads end.

In the north of Galicia we can also visit emblematic coastal places such as the Playa de las Catedrales in Ribadeo, in the province of Lugo, or the city of A Coruña, perfect for touring in a motorhome.

Sunset with caravans

Following the road to Santiago

Doing the walking route is a very nice option to walk through Galicia. But if we want to make a comfortable and carefree route, we can follow the Camino de Santiago in a motorhome.

One option is to do the Sanabrés Way, leaving from Puebla de Sanabria, in Zamora. From here we can drive to A Gudiña, a beautiful village in the interior of Galicia. On this route, you will discover the interior of the autonomous community, which contrasts sharply with the coast.

From A Gudiña you can go to Ourense, one of the 4 provincial capitals of Galicia together with Lugo, A Coruña and Pontevedra. Ourense stands out for its thermal baths, perfect for relaxing after several hours on the road.

From here we can go directly to Santiago de Compostela, to visit one of the cathedrals that receives more pilgrims all over the world. The life you breathe in the medieval streets of Santiago is something that everyone should experience.

We can also follow the route of the most travelled path by pilgrims, the French Way. From O Cebreiro Sarria, a small village that stands out for its pallozas and its medieval style, we can go to Sarria to delight us with historical buildings that keep some great anecdotes. Finally, we will arrive in our motorhome in Santiago de Compostela.

Open doors in front of the sea

Visit Galicia by motorhome

Motorhomes in Galicia are a safe and efficient method of transport, and they are becoming a more and more comfortable way to travel if we do it in family or group. For nothing in the world should you miss one of the most beautiful lands in Spain, where the green of the mountains contrasts with the blue of the sea and the Galician beaches. Discover Galicia by motorhome!

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