The Way of St. James – Which is the most beautiful way? – And the easiest?

When we talk about the Way of St. James we talk about variety, we talk about tastes. Obviously, there is no better or worse course, no more or less beautiful one. However, it is true that, as a general rule, there are itineraries that like more and itineraries that like less.

In this article we want to tell you (from our point of view) which is the most beautiful and which is the easiest way to Santiago.

The most beautiful way to Santiago

As we mentioned earlier in another article, our favorite is the Winter Path. Nevertheless, we do not want to give you this affirmation and that you become as you have come, but we want to explain to you the reason of it.

Why choose the winter road?

In the first place, because it is true to historical reality, which is due to the fact that it has not been dwarfed or distorted by the popularization of the same, which has happened in other tours. It is a way that remains faithful to the original route that the pilgrims had to make to escape the cold, choosing a warmer route.

In second place, because we are with a route that exploits to the complete beauty of Galicia and in which there is diversity of landscapes.

Thirdly, the beauty can be seen in only 260 kilometres, which is why the rate of travel/beauty/variety of landscapes is very attractive.

Fourthly, it is not overcrowded, which is something that always detracts from the attractiveness of any route.

However, it must be acknowledged that this route is very rarely used, as last year only 27 people made it. That is why we want to offer you a more realistic solution.


The second most beautiful way to Santiago (and the one that should be your first choice)


And the winner is the French way. The French is, without a doubt, the most beautiful and the most popular. In addition, it is in its own right since 63% of pilgrims choose this route.

Why choose the French way?


Its extension: with more than 700 kilometres it covers the whole of northern Spain, so that you can obtain the greatest possible variety in terms of landscapes. It is, without a doubt, the best way to get to know the north of the country and the most recommendable.

It’s a popular route: so besides seeing beautiful landscapes you won’t get lost, something that can happen on the Winter Trail and, in fact, is what happens quite often. All along the way you will find numerous yellow arrows that will prevent you from deviating from the main route.

It’s not as overcrowded as it will be in the next few years, so it’s still a good time.

However, you will not only want to know which is the most beautiful, but also the one that is easiest to navigate. Now we’ll tell you.


The easiest way to Santiago


Here it is true that personal opinions are less important and everything is more objective. However, everything will depend on the means you use to travel the road, telling you that last year someone did it on horseback. For variety, let it not be.

What is certain is that the shortest route at present is the road from Sarria, since it is only 110 kilometres (111 specifically) and that, really, it is not difficult at all. As we tell you in this article it will only take 5 days and you can get the precious Compostela.

These 5 stages have an approximate length of 20 to 23 kilometers per day so that they can be covered in about 6 – 8 hours per day. Without needing to get up too early, we can arrive at our next destination more or less at lunch time, thus having the whole afternoon to visit the village, rest and enjoy the Galician gastronomy.

However, if you go by bicycle, remember that you must do at least 200 kilometres to get the Compostela, so this route will not help you to get it. If you are interested in making the road on two wheels we also recommend the French road but this time from Leon to meet the minimum mileage necessary to get the Compostela.

In conclusion, there are different routes and each one has its own beauty. However, you have to keep in mind that the most normal thing is that people go to the most beautiful and therefore, this is the most popular.

For this reason, the French section, although not the most beautiful, is so in the sense that it is beautiful and has the advantages of being popular, as opposed to Winter. Finally, remember that the easiest one by far is the stretch from Sarria, with only 111 kilometres, which you will cover in 5 stages.

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