For this itinerary, our goal won’t be to reach Santiago de Compostela. In contrast, Santiago will be our starting point from where we will leave to reach Muxía passing through the city of Fisterre (considered in antiquity as the “the end of the world”). We offer the possibility to choose this path itself or as a complement of another itineraries.

Arrival in Santiago de Compostela

If we have decided to continue our journey or start it in Santiago, we will have the credentials. We will provide the pilgrim credentials, or if you prefer, you can withdraw one directly from the Pilgrim office at Obradoiro Square. This itinerary does not give the right to obtain the Compostela, but  we can obtain the Fisterrana and / or the Muxiana, which certifies, that you have reached the “End of the World”

Santiago de Compostela – Negreira

Dificultad MediumTiempo estimado 4-5hDistancia22,75 Km

We start our journey from Obradoiro Square, just in front of Santiago Cathedral. We will pass through small villages and cross ancient Roman bridges over the Tambre River. Our destination today is the medieval village of Negreira. We suggest visiting the “Pazo de Cotón” (a family’s country house) and San Mauro chapel.

Negreira – Olveiroa

Dificultad HighTiempo estimado 6-7hDistancia31 Km

The Way continues aside the mountain and crosses Barcala River. If we want to enjoy the following city, we recommend starting early due to this second phase it is the longest and one of the hardest especially compared to the previous one. Although it is the longest stage it is also considered the most beautiful. We leave asphalt road to enter green landscapes. We will walk through valleys and along Xallas River to finally arrive at our destination, Olveiroa.

Olveiroa – Cee

Dificultad MediumTiempo estimado 4-5hDistancia18 Km

The third stage is shorter than the previous one, where we will finally reach the Atlantic coast. From Olveiroa the track continues along the river to Logoso and passes through “Nosa Señora hermitage”. Then the trail continues descending through pine forests until “Alto do Cruzeiro da Armada”. From here, you can see the ocean in the distance, we are close to Fisterre. End of the stage.

Cee – Fisterra

Dificultad LowTiempo estimado 3-4hDistancia16 Km

We are facing the shortest and easiest stage of the whole journey, it will take us on a beautiful path, along steep coasts and coves to finally reach our destination: Fisterra cape (or Finisterre). To enjoy the fantastic sunset on the “end of the world” is a must.

Fisterra – Muxía

Dificultad Medium-HighTiempo estimado 6-7hDistancia31 Km

Last day of walking. We can divide this stage into two segments. First of all, a first part of about 14 kilometers walking along the coast until you reach Lires. In second place we find a stretch of 17 kilometers. At the exit of Lires we have to cross a small river before entering Frixe. We will cross few small villages during our way to Muxía: Vaosilveiro, Frixe, Guisamonde, Morquintián, Monte Facho, Praia de Lourido. The itinerary culminates at Nosa Señora da Barca Sanctuary with its sacred stones.


Way completed. We can enjoy the day to get to know the city and relax.

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  • 7 days / 6 nights in the chosen accommodation
  • Backpack transfer service (1 package – máx. 20 kg.)
  • Credencial (Pilgrim’s passport)
  • Telephone assistance service 24/7
  • Travel assistance insurance
  • Extra night in Santiago: 25 €/pax


  • Single room supplement: 120 €/pax
  • Breakfast: 45 €/pax
  • Half Board: 130 €/pax
  • Extra night in Santiago / Lires: 55 €/ind // 35€ pax/double


  • Transfer from Muxía to Santiago: 130 €/pax


  • 225 € pax in Private Shelters
  • 335 € pax in Hostels and Hotels


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Accommodation in Private Shelters

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Accommodation in Hostels and Hotels

Accommodation in private hostels and hotels includes double, triple or quadruple rooms, always with private bathroom. They are simple, comfortable and very welcoming, ideal for sleeping and resting.

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