The Asturian King Alfonso II inaugurated this already existing route from Oviedo shortly after the discovery of the Apostle’s remains, thus planting the seed for millions of future pilgrimages. The Primitive Way, which begins in the Asturian capital of Oviedo and enters Galicia through the mountains of Lugo, is the oldest Xacobean route. If you decide to take this route, one of the constants that will accompany you will be the mountain gastronomy, emphasizing the pots, the fabes and the excellent beef.

Arrival in Oviedo

The old town of Oviedo (Uviéu) will transport you to the Asturian Middle Ages. It is a small city, thought for the enjoyment of the wayfarer, thanks to its pedestrian streets in which every corner contains a special charm. You cannot begin your journey without visiting the Fontán market, the cider boulevard and its impressive Cathedral with a Gothic and Romanesque tower.

Oviedo – Grado

Dificultad MediumTiempo estimado 6-7hDistancia28 Km

In this first stage of the Primitive Way from Oviedo to Lugo you will take as a starting point the Cathedral of San Salvador de Oviedo to leave the city. Vegas, hills, streams, meadows, towns and villages where it seems that time has not passed, which will allow you to know the traditional rural life of the area.

In Grado/Grau, you will be able to enjoy the great atmosphere of its famous market if you make the stop on Wednesday or Sunday. In addition, its historical center contains important architectural buildings from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and its characteristic Indian houses will dazzle you.

Grado – Salas

Dificultad LowTiempo estimado 5hDistancia23 Km

This is an area with a great Jacobean tradition as it is located at the crossroads of the inland route to the coast. In Freisnu you will find a sanctuary of great devotion in the region. During the stage you will find magnificent examples of Asturian mansions and palaces as well as the typical horreos of the area. The small village of Salas, at the end of this stage, stands out for its monumental heritage, where there are numerous remains from the Neolithic period and mounds from the Bronze Age.

Salas – Tineo

Dificultad MediumTiempo estimado 5hDistancia22 Km

In this section the Primitive Way from Oviedo to Lugo enters a cowboy area full of large houses, country houses, water mills, crossroads and old hermitages that remind us of the religiosity of other times. The first part of the stretch is a continuous ascent to La Espina, where wooded areas predominate, giving way at the end to spectacular views of the village of Tineo. The richness of this town is concentrated in its forests of oaks and beeches, centennial trees, legends and paths that lead to Santiago are some of the jewels that the municipality preserves

Tineo – Pola de Allande

Dificultad MediumTiempo estimado 7h’Distancia31 Km

In this stage you will cross mountain ranges and foothills, it is a stretch full of ups and downs where you will enter the deepest Asturias. The tranquility and solitude of the Camino, along with the mid-mountain landscape full of farmhouses and villages will interrupt your journey and encourage you to stop and contemplate the surroundings.

Pola de Allande – La Mesa

Dificultad Medium-HighTiempo estimado 5hDistancia20 Km

You are in front of the queen stage of the Primitive Way from Oviedo to Lugo because it requires more physical effort, but everything will be rewarded by being one of the most beautiful stages. The ascent to Puerto del Palo can be done by road or by a dirt track. After reaching the top we will arrive at the abandoned village of Montefurado, from where it will be worth stopping to contemplate the scenic view that you have in front of you.

La Mesa – Grandas de Salime

Dificultad Medium-HighTiempo estimado 4h 30′Distancia18 Km

After yesterday’s hard stage, today you have a descending walk to the reservoir of Grandas de Salime. If you don’t have the opportunity to cross the dam by boat, you will have to take a detour before the last stretch of descent and head towards Murias on a track.

Once in Grandas, you must visit its ethnographic museum, located in the old rectory, of enormous interest and permanently evolving, and the church of San Salvador.

Grandas de Salime – A Fonsagrada

Dificultad MediumTiempo estimado 6h 30′Distancia28 Km

The stage begins in Grandas de Salime, the last section of the Primitive Way from Oviedo to Lugo, following the route of the road all the time, which alternates with some path and dirt road, all of them well signposted. On the way up to the Puerto del Acebo you will find the village of Bustelo del Camín, the last Asturian village before reaching the 1,300 metres of the pass. The Autonomous Community of Galicia begins just as you start to descend from the Alto de O Acevo. You will find yourself in the middle of a large wind farm after which a continuous and gentle descent awaits you. It will not be difficult to deduce that you are in front of a pure and hard mountain in which the high landscape value and the small population centers stand out.

Grandas de Salime – O Cádavo

Dificultad MediumTiempo estimado 6hDistancia26 Km

This stage is characterized by its harshness, but will greatly reward the views and the paths surrounded by extensive forests of native trees.  The descent from the Montouto Hospital will test our knees, as well as the successive slides we will have to go through to reach O Cádavo, in the province of Lugo.

O Cádavo – Lugo

Dificultad Medium-HighTiempo estimado 7hDistancia32 Km

Despite being a long stage, it becomes bearable when the slopes are finally completed. You will walk along wide paths that enter and leave dense forests with native Galician vegetation. At the gates of Lugo, you will find the village of Nadela, which would go unnoticed if it weren’t for the interesting cross on the edge of the Way and that tradition made it a place to stop and take pictures of the pilgrims.


If any Galician city has a strong, solid and very old relationship with the Camino de Santiago, it is Lugo. Ancient Roman camp of Lucus Augusti. This city is defined by its many Roman remains, among which the wall surrounding the old town of more than two kilometers declared by UNESCO World Heritage. Also known as the gastronomic capital of Galicia, you can not leave without paying tribute to one of the many restaurants in the old town, where quality and good prices are assured.

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