The Primitive Way was the first route used for pilgrimage to the tomb of the Apostle Santiago. In this last section of this Primitive Way, which goes from the walled city of Lugo to the Galician capital, you will find villages where it seems that time has stopped for decades and an endless number of solitary and silent landscapes, rooted in the deepest of rural traditions.

Arrival in Lugo

Lugo is one of the Galician cities most closely related to the Way of Saint James. Ancient Roman camp of Lucus Augusti, this city is defined precisely by its numerous Roman remains, among which the wall stands out. The Roman wall of Lugo borders the historical center of the city with a length of more than 2 kilometers. This imposing monumental work was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Lugo is also known as the gastronomic capital of Galicia. You cannot leave without paying tribute to it in one of its restaurants, where quality and good prices are guaranteed. Lugo is a perfect place from which to start the Primitive Way.

Lugo – Ponte Ferreira

Dificultad MediumTiempo estimado 6hDistancia29 Km

In this first step of our Primitive Way we will start from the town of Lugo. You will set off from the wall through one of its gates, the most famous for pilgrims is the “Porta Miñá”. This is a flat but not at all monotonous stage; generally speaking, the Primitive Way runs along a very narrow path built on the edge of the road, so even if there is no intense traffic, we recommend caution. The most outstanding places in this stage are undoubtedly the church of San Vicente, with its stretched out bell tower and skylight, and the church of Santa Eulalia de Bóveda, whose origin is linked to a Roman period dedicated to the goddess Cybele.

Ponte Ferreira is a small village belonging to the municipality of Palas de Rei, a significant place of passage of the French Way. The most characteristic of the place is its Roman bridge composed of an arch and its beautiful natural environment.

Ponte Ferreira – Melide

Dificultad LowTiempo estimado 4h 30′Distancia20 Km

This stage will begin as the previous one ended, without slopes for several kilometers. When you reach the O Careón mountain range, you will have to climb a steep slope where you will see numerous windmills. Then the Camino goes down to Melide along a dirt track with beautiful views and passes in front of an impressive hórreo. Melide, capital of the Galician octopus, will be your final stage. In any of its many “pulperías” you will be able to taste some good portions of octopus, a delicacy of the Galician gastronomy. Bon appetit!

In Melide, you will have the opportunity to appreciate the Cruceiro, which is the oldest in Galicia; and between one and a thousand heritage monuments, you can visit the Museo da Terra de Melide, whose building was an old pilgrim’s hospital founded in 1502.

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Melide – Arzúa

Dificultad MediumTiempo estimado 4hDistancia15 Km

Although it is also a short stage, it requires a little more effort than the previous one, as we find more unevenness. However, we assure you that the effort will be worth it when you are surrounded by a wonderfully dense forest of native trees. The effort will be rewarded when you arrive at Ribadiso de Abaixo, where you can swim in the river and enjoy the beautiful landscape and the magical environment that accompanies this small village.

Once in Arzúa you will have all the services to refresh yourself and rest. You should not miss to try the typical cheese to which they give name: Denomination of Origin Arzúa-Ulloa; accompanied by other typical products of the area.

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Arzúa – Pedrouzo

DificultadLowTiempo estimado 4h 30′Distancia19 Km

Today you are lucky, your feet will hardly suffer as you will find a short and less complex stage than the previous ones. You will walk on flat and comfortable ground, finding an abundance of bars, stores and places to rest. Santiago is getting closer and closer and the pilgrimage ritual of this stage is to go to bed early in order to get up early and enjoy the day in Santiago de Compostela.

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Pedrouzo – Santiago de Compostela

DificultadLowTiempo estimado 5hDistancia19 Km

As it is a relatively short stage and without difficulty, we recommend getting up a little earlier to arrive early for the pilgrim’s mass and take advantage of the day in Santiago de Compostela. When you arrive at Monte do Gozo, you will discover the reason for the name of this place: the tickling, that pleasant sensation that will invade you when you see the towers of the cathedral from afar, closer and closer. As you descend towards the city, the blisters and the tiredness will disappear until they disappear completely in the most magical moment of the whole Way: the entrance to the Obradoiro Square.

You have arrived in Santiago de Compostela, the city where rain is art. After having sealed your credentials in each stage and having collected your Compostelas, after all the effort, it will be time to enjoy the city, you will have earned it. We hope you enjoy walking around the historical center, enjoying a fresh beer accompanied by a delicious tapa, dancing and singing in a foliada, or trying some of their traditional liquors, among a thousand and one other things that this small but great city offers.

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Santiago de Compostela

This is a day of farewells for many, the end of a journey, and why not, the beginning of many. The last day will dawn with one more road in your lives, but not a road of miles, but of experiences, emotions and new friendships; a journey that will be projected in your lives and will help you keep walking free towards your own goals.

You have completed the Primitive Way that you started seven days ago from the town of Lugo.

You did it! Congratulations pilgrims!


  • 7 days/ 6 nights in the chosen accommodation
  • Backpack transfer service (1 package – máx. 20 kg.)
  • Credencial (Pilgrim’s passport)
  • Telephone assistance service 24/7
  • Travel assistance insurance
  • Extra night in Santiago: 25 €/pax
  • Single room supplement: 90 €/pax
  • Extra night in Santiago: 70€ double room / 55€ single room
  • Breakfast: 40 €/pax
  • Half Board: 125 €/pax
  • PRIVATE TRANSFER (Vehicle up to 4 pax)
  • Transfer from Santiago to Lugo: 105€


  • 195 € pax Private Shelters
  • 299 € pax Hostels / Hotels


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