The Fisterra way

4 Stages / 120 km

The way to Fisterra or Muxía is one of the most peculiar Jacobean routes that exists. Unlike other roads, its only origin is in Santiago de Compostela. Shortly after the discovery of the Apostle, from the 13th century onwards, and especially in Finisterre, it became a Mecca for pilgrimage.

If the Way of St. James is already full of legends and magic, this route attracted millions of pilgrims who continued their route to the cape. There, it is said, were the disciples of James in search of authorization from a Roman legacy to bury the apostle in the case of Fisterra.

Muxía also has a great symbolism and link with respect to the road. One of the legends told is that the Virgin Mary came to this place in a stone boat to encourage the Apostle in his preaching.

There are 89 kilometres from Santiago de Compostela to Fisterra. The most normal thing and what almost all the pilgrims decide to do is to divide this route in 4 stages. As during the Camino de Santiago, the route from departure to arrival is perfectly signposted with yellow arrows and landmarks. If we want to continue to Muxía, the route will consist of a total of 111 kilometres, which is one more stage.

In the same way that happens with the Compostela, arrived at Fisterra or Muxía we will be able to obtain the finisterra and the muxiana, stamping properly our credential.


From Santiago to Finisterre

From Finisterre to Finisterra

5 nights of accommodation
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From Santiago to Muxía

From Santiago to Muxía (90km)

6 nights of accommodation
Baggage Transport
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