The best films of the Way of Saint James

First of all, I think that we have to be sincere in this aspect, because no matter how many lovers we are of this beautiful route we cannot pretend to exaggerate its historical importance throughout the centuries (Don’t worry, you didn’t make a mistake at the beginning, let’s talk about films of the Way).

It should be noted that the Way has not been a very busy journey until the early 90’s when it begins to popularize. Don’t think that in the 70’s millions of people travelled through it, it’s not like that.

This partly explains the fact that there has not been a great film tradition as far as the journey is concerned. However, today there are far more productions on the Camino de Santiago. In this article we consider you to be the best in our opinion.

Our top movies

First of all, it is headed, without a doubt, by The Way. It may not be a film that faithfully reflects what the Way means to many people, but it does bring a sentimental touch, a humanitarian touch, a touch that, deep down, explains why this journey can make us better people.

The argument is very simple: Tom Avery receives a call informing him of the death of his son. When he arrived in Europe, he discovered that his son had begun the first stage of the Way of Saint James, but he could not finish it. In his honor, the father will carry the ashes of his son in a box until the end of the journey that in life the son could not finish.

If you are looking for something less dramatic, without a doubt, a very good option is At the end of the Way film that was released in 2009 by the group Antena 3 (what is today A3media). This romantic comedy has a rather peculiar plot. Two journalists have to pretend to be a couple while they’re doing the tour. The reason? Find out if Olmo, a guru who charges 20,000 euros to solve the problems of couples doing the Camino, is or is not a faker. Comic scenes and misunderstandings follow one another along the way.

However, if you are looking for more of a film about the Camino itself and not just one that has been shot on the Camino, your film is Tres en el Camino, released in 2004. In this film, the experience of the Camino is narrated in an exceptional way. In addition, it has a very open approach because you can see how a Japanese, a Dutchman and a Brazilian, ie people from very different cultures and societies, approach the route.


A mixed film

This film (American, 2005) is situated between two worlds, between the Camino and the San Fermines. Although both have a strong cultural content is shocking as both face culture, one through the celebration and exaltation of the senses, and the other more from relaxation and mental calm.

That’s why this film is more curious than its own film quality and scripts. It’s not a great film, but this comparison is certainly very curious. But don’t think it’s a bad movie, it’s a good movie and it will make you have a good time.


Are you satisfied with watching a movie?

One of the biggest problems we’ve had in recent years is the influence of the Internet on our lives. This is manifested in what we can call the sofa travelers. A sofa traveller is a person who phagocytes a lot of information about a place or route but does not dare to take the final leap, which is none other than to visit the place or make the route in question.

We do not want to criticize this figure because in practice it is often motivated by the economic situation or by having to take care of children. However, we do feel a little sad in the case of people who do not manage to take the step out of laziness, idleness.

The Way cannot be understood with a film. It is more if you have already done the Camino and you see one of these movies the most you will get is small details that you had not noticed. However, the overall feeling and understanding of the journey cannot be provided by a film. Much less experience.

That’s why I encourage you if you really see that you like this subject. Don’t stand on the couch collecting information. It will always be much more enjoyable to play a football match than to watch football on TV.

Don’t look for excuses like, well it’s winter, it’s cold or it’s summer and it’s hot. With the right equipment neither cold nor heat will be a real inconvenience.


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