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Padrón is a municipality in the province of A Coruña, belonging to the region of Sar. It is a place of ancient population that nowadays finds its greatest dynamism for being a place of passage of the way of Santiago and for cultivating some of the most famous peppers in Spain: the peppers of Padrón.

This place of ancient population stands out in the Jacobean and religious world, for being a representative landmark of the legend of the Traslatio. Legend has it that after the death of the apostle St. James, his disciples Theodore and Athanasius transported his mortal remains in a stone boat to the coast of Galicia, accessing land by Padron after going up the river Ulla.

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Church of Santiago Apostle

The most representative thing about this church is that it houses the ” pedrón “, the place where Theodore and Athanasius supposedly moored the boat carrying the remains of the apostle St. James. It is a must for pilgrims.

Church of Santiago Camino Portugués

Bridge of Santiago

It is a bridge built in the 19th century, replacing an old medieval bridge that was washed away after a flood of the river. This construction joins the historic centre of Padrón with the area of A Trabanca.

Bridge of Santiago Padrón

House Museum of Rosalía de Castro

Former home of the illustrious writer Rosalía de Castro, which today acts as a House-Museum.

Rosalía de Castro Padrón House Museum

Collegiate Church of Iria Flavia

It is a construction dated from the XII century, since the previous pre-Romanesque temple was destroyed after the razzia to Compostela of Almanzor (end of the X century). It was the episcopal see until the 11th century, when it was transferred to Santiago de Compostela by order of bishop Gelmírez.

Iria Flavia Padrón

Church of Santa María de Herbón

It is a Romanesque church, ordered to be built in the second half of the 12th century by the archbishop of Compostela Gelmirez. The three archivolts of the doorway stand out for their Gothic style.

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