The Portuguese Way is the second most popular Jacobean route after the French Way. You can choose between doing this route divided into 5 or 6 stages.

In any case, you will begin your journey in Tui, located at the border between Portugal and Galicia. You will cross the province of Pontevedra from south to north, passing through a multitude of small villages, natural and amazing landscapes. During your journey you will be able to experience how local people live as well as tasting local flavours and visiting cultural heritage. Let yourself be carried away by the beauty of its villages, the charm of its people and its exquisite gastronomy.

In the 5 stages modality, you will walk directly from Tui to Redondela and from Redondela to Pontevedra, eliminating the stops in O Porriño and Arcade, stops that are presented in the 6 stages modality.

Arrival in Tui

The passage of the Way of Saint James has left an indelible mark on Tui. Beyond architecture and heritage, the culture of the town has been transformed with the passage of thousands of pilgrims every year. If you decide to start your Camino from this place, you will be impressed to see the Cathedral of Santa María, whose fortified aspect dominates the panoramic views of the city. Its historical complex is one of the main attractions of the city and one of the most important in Galicia after Santiago de Compostela. A walk through its cobblestone streets will give you witness to history over the centuries, admiring emblazoned houses and monuments such as the Diocesan Museum, the old pilgrims’ hospital, the chapel of San Telmo or the Convents of the Poor Clares and Santo Domingo.

Tui – O Porriño

Dificultad MediumTiempo estimado 5h Distancia18,7 Km

The journey starts  in the ancient port of Tui crossing the old part of the town, from this landmark the path will cross quite areas surrounded by vegetation and small villages such as Canicouva or Santa Marta. The green predominates in this stage even if on some occasion it alternates with the asphalted terrain. From Barca, you pass through the Tunnel das Monxas and climb up to San Telmo bridge. From here the path returns to be a little easier, few kilometers later we will find our destination, O Porriño.

O Porriño – Arcade

Dificultad MediumTiempo estimado 5h 30’Distancia23 Km

Few kilometers away from O Porriño we find Mos. The church or El Pazo de los Marqueses are two of the highlights of this stage that we should not miss. Guided by the ancient Roman road we cross Chan das Pipas to follow the road going to Redondela. At the exit we will pass under the old railway bridge and in front of Virgen del Rosario church. A final climb separates us from O Viso, after that you will reach the destination, Arcade.

Arcade – Pontevedra

Dificultad LowTiempo estimado 3h Distancia12 Km

We continue our adventure crossing the urban city center through a beautiful road that will continue up to the cemetery. The first point of interest arrives where the path crosses the river Verdugo to Ponte Sampaio. From there the path crosses pine woods and leads us to Pontevedra. We will find accommodation in the center of this majestic city. We can use the rest of the day to visit and enjoy the city.

Pontevedra – Caldas de Reis

Dificultad LowTiempo estimado 5h 30’Distancia22 Km

From Pontevedra, we will cross the city center to start the stage. We will leave the city by crossing the bridge of Burgo. During the path we will enjoy landscapes fulls of vineyards,  typical of the area. The predominant landscape in the last kilometers will be the most rural area of Galicia. We must be very careful because, even if the road is perfectly marked, it is possible that we can deviate and disorient a little. Before getting to Caldas de Reis you pass through the village of Tivo with its famous fountain and cruceiro (cross) of the seventeenth century.

Caldas de Reis – Padrón

Dificultad LowTiempo estimado 4h 30’Distancia18,5 Km

One of the shortest stages, a well deserved break before to reach the end of our journey. Starting from Caldas de Reis, we cross the river Umia and find the thermal waters that gave the town its name since Roman times. From there we will start a descent until the arrival at Padrón.

Padrón – Santiago de Compostela

Dificultad LowTiempo estimado 6h Distancia24,5 Km

The last and the most exciting of the stages, after 6 hard days walking we will finally arrive to our goal, Santiago de Compostela.

The shortest stage but one of the most exciting. We highly recommend to start walking early in order to arrive to Santiago as soon as possible to enjoy the rest of the day in the city.

Monte Do Gozo its a strategic point, located just 4 km from the Cathedral. Once there we will observe in the distance the towers of the long-awaited Cathedral of Santiago and we will feel a great personal satisfaction. We must let ourselves be guided downhill, the end of our Camino is near. We will arrive at Obradoiro Square, where the Cathedral is located.

Santiago de Compostela

Mission completed. After sealing our credential at every stage and collecting our Compostela, we deserve this great reward. A good opportunity to get to know the city, enjoy its culture, people and gastronomy, after all the effort invested you’ve earned it.


  • 8 days/ 7 nights in the chosen accommodation
  • Backpack transfer service (1 package – máx. 20 kg.)
  • Credencial (Pilgrim’s passport)
  • Telephone assistance service 24/7
  • Travel assistance insurance
  • Extra night in Santiago: 25 €/pax
  • Single room supplement: 120 €/pax
  • Extra night in Santiago:35 € double room / 55 € single room
  • Breakfast: 55 €/pax
  • Half Board: 145 €/pax
  • Single room supplement: 175 €/pax
  • Extra night in Santiago:45 € double room / 70 € single room
  • Breakfast: 65 €/pax
  • Half-Board: 170 €/pax
  • PRIVATE TRANSFER (up to 4 pax)
  • From Santiago airport to Tui: 125 €
  • From Vigo airport to Tui: 60 €


  • 250 € pax private shelters
  • 380 € pax hostels
  • 435 € pax Hotel or superior accommodation


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