“During the week, when we work, we only meet at lunchtime and dinnertime at home. At the weekend, we sit down together to eat and each one of us keeps an eye on his or her own things, on the TV or on the mobile phone. The meal is over and everyone sneaks off at full speed to make their plans”. I’m sure you recognize this situation. How long has it been since you’ve spent any real time with your family? We propose the perfect plan for this holiday: The family road!

This adventure has a lot of benefits for everyone, offering you an outdoor activity surrounded by wonderful natural and rural landscapes. It’s the perfect opportunity to spend time together and reconnect with everything we have to tell you!

Why make the Way as a family?

Experiences such as the Family Walk have a lot of physical, mental and emotional benefits for everyone. On an individual level, it is a perfect experience to escape from daily stress and relax. On a family level, this adventure will allow you to spend a few days living together to reconnect, you will gain in complicity and rediscover yourself!

Walking together will encourage interaction and strengthen family ties. As we mentioned before, we are all aware that in our daily lives, due to work and many obligations, we do not always spend as much time as we would like with our family. Precisely because of this, experiences like the Way are very positive.

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If you have young children, this adventure will allow you to be part of their learning in a very active way. Contact with nature and moral and value education by the family are very important for the personal development of the children.

Besides, what better plan for this holiday? El Camino offers you a different kind of holiday, in the open air, enjoying wonderful natural and rural surroundings.

How do I prepare the way as a family?

What itinerary should I choose?

The family path is an experience that will put you to work together from the very first moment. As soon as you decide to do this, you will have to agree on which path to take. Depending on the age of the family members, we recommend that you choose one route or another. If you are going to do it with children, it is best to choose easy routes such as the French or Portuguese Way. If there are small children, bear in mind to plan shorter stages as well.

children walking

Physical preparation

Whether you are going to walk or cycle, you need to be physically prepared beforehand. At the very least, the ideal is for you to get used to walking or cycling every day, at least two hours for a month.

Avoid unforeseen events

As far as accommodation and transport are concerned, please try to bring everything you have booked in advance. Whether children are going or not, keep in mind that it’s not the same to plan on the go for one or two people as it is for four or five! It is better to go quietly with the security of having everything contracted.

Preparation for the stage

During the stage you will have to take everything that is essential for the day. Water, fruit, nuts, chocolate, sandwiches… everything you need to recharge your batteries during the journey. Remember to stop at least every two hours. If you are going with children, bear in mind that you will have to carry their things during the walk, so it is advisable to hire the luggage transport service.


What time of year is best?

Regardless of whether your family has young children or not, the best seasons are undoubtedly spring and autumn. These are times when the weather is good without excessive heat and there is less influx of people. The central months of summer also have their chachi point if you are all “adults”, as the more people there are, the greater the social interaction. And how could it be otherwise, if there is a hairy member of your family, here you will find all the information you need to include him in this adventure!

Come and have a different kind of holiday this summer! We’ll be happy to help you with anything you need. Have a nice trip, family!

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