It is well known by all the good gastronomy that exists in Galicia and in the north in general. Galicians are very good eaters, and as the main tonic of our climate is the humidity and cold, in autumn and winter we take most of our typical dishes star of the north. 

In the north there is a very varied gastronomy, which in the cold season has a common feature: hearty dishes that bring a lot of heat and energy to combat the cold. Here is a list of the best traditional Galician dishes that will act as natural heating, so don’t miss out on the details!

Typical Galician winter dishes

Galician broth

Galician broth is perhaps the most consumed dish in winter in Galicia. It is a broth based on pork fat and chorizo sausage, in which potatoes, beans, turnip greens and vegetables are cooked. It is one of the most typical dishes that you will find on the list of first courses on restaurant menus. It is usually served in a clay bowl accompanied by bread.

Galician brew


This meal is closely related to the previous one. In fact, on winter Sundays it is quite common to eat broth as a starter and stew as a main course, both at home and in Galician restaurants. In this dish all the parts of the pig you can imagine are cooked, accompanied by chorizo, turnip greens, cabbage and potatoes. It is perfect with a few cups of red wine from the new harvest. Lalín and Padrón are the Galician towns where this dish is best prepared.

Lacón with turnip tops

Another very common dish in winter kitchens and very similar to the cocido. The difference is that for this dish is cooked only lacón with turnip greens and potato. The municipality of Cuntis, a place located very close to the passage of the