It should be pointed out that the vital experience provided by the Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago is invaluable. Nevertheless, no matter how beautiful the landscapes and the new experiences that we live in it, it is evident that we cannot censor the eagerness to know how much the Way can cost. We all have to pay bills and the economic aspect is always fundamental when choosing between one destination or another.
However, the great luck that we pilgrims have is that the Camino is very cheap compared to other types of holidays such as visiting foreign cities or going to the beach within Spain. Therefore, as you will see below, this route is, in economic terms, one of the most competitive options that exist in the tourism market today. I’m sure you’ll be interested: Which way to Santiago to choose?

Way of St James budget – What to expect?

When calculating how much the route will cost, many factors must be taken into account, however, we could say that there are three main ones:
– Lenght of our trip: as in all types of holidays the number of days is essential to know how much we are going to spend. The more days we want to spend, the more the trip will cost us.
– Food: this is perhaps the least known aspect, but it is one of the most important. A good diet is essential to endure the journey well. It’s not good for you to pull sandwiches every day.

– The type of establishment you want to stay in: obviously, a hostel or hostel will always be cheaper than a hotel. However, it should be borne in mind that the quality of hotels and a good rest are usually paid more dearly.
Now we will go on to analyse how much each thing can cost and explain to you what is most convenient for you according to your budget.


If you are a student/young person

If you are a person who moves in your twenties, the most important thing for you is (unless you are lucky and have more money than a young person usually handles) to save as much as you can, but without losing quality in the experience. Therefore, it is best to use the network of existing hostels. Note that there are both public and private shelters.
Both types are very cheap, so for less than 10 euros a night you can find accommodation. Therefore, if you want to make the longest Way that exists (the French) you will only spend between 250 and 300 euros on accommodation. If you look, that’s what you pay for 4 days in a half-decent apartment on the beach.

With regard to food, it should be noted that we should not skimp on expenses, as we consume a lot of energy along the way. However, to say that for about 15 euros you can spend the day perfectly. However, it will always depend on the area in which you are moving and the price level of it.
Regarding the duration of the trip, if you are young we bet on long distances, because the most likely is that if you want to repeat the greater you are not for so many trots (for example, if you do the Camino de Santiago with your children they can not walk so long a day).

If you are an adult without children

If you do not have children in your care, you have greater mobility and greater scope for decision than those who do. For this reason, you can choose to go “to the young” or with greater comfort. The main difference between these styles is usually accommodation.
As an adult, you probably don’t want to go to a hostel (or maybe you do, age is just a number) and prefer to go to the comfort of a hotel or boarding house. The problem is that this option is somewhat more expensive. Therefore, if what you are looking for is comfort and savings, we recommend that you make use of our hotel packs.

As far as food is concerned, the best option is a light breakfast (so that the body does not feel too heavy) and a real meal, i.e. a menu meal. Dinner can be spent perfectly with a sandwich. This will cost you approximately 20 euros per person per day.
For a person who moves in these ages, with the possibility of opting later to enjoy another type of vacation, can afford to do the Camino and then continue having money for more exotic destinations. The recommended travel time would be between 1/3 or ½ of the total number of days you have available for vacation at work. In this way you can choose to have the best of the Way without giving up anything.


If you are a person with children

If you have children in your care the options are more limited. We recommend that you opt for comfortable accommodation for the children and that is suitable for them. In addition, the feeding of the youngest must also be taken care of with some care. Therefore, it is best that the course is short and comfortable for them.
We do not believe that it is advisable to travel more than 7 days, being the optimal 5 days. In addition, in this way you will prevent them from becoming bored, which is quite normal in young children.


In total, how much am I going to spend on the Way of St James?

It all depends, again, on the first three factors we have indicated to you, but for you to get an idea:
– Young people will spend about 600-750 euros per person for 30 days.
– Adults without children will spend a total of 1100 euros per person for 30 days.
– The third group will spend about 1300-1350 euros for 30 days.
As you can see, this makes a week’s vacation:
-150 euros for group 1.
-One 260 for group 2.
-One 325 for group 3.


The Camino de Santiago is a very cheap alternative when it comes to spending a unique and entertaining holiday. In addition, it is a tremendously cheap alternative, which makes it an even more attractive option. For more information you can keep reading HERE.