Your father was always that great support in your life, that superhero capable of anything. But you grow up and you start distancing yourself, having other opinions and even arguing with him. With the passage of time you distance yourself, you have your own plans, you have your own life and ideas. But it is undeniable that despite everything that can separate you, you know that loves you and has always been and will be for you.
Although we know it’s important to give time to the people we love, adult life is hectic and we barely have time to breathe. But we must not let opportunities pass and much less moments with our father that will not be repeated.

Have you ever traveled with your father? If the answer is no, eureka! prepare to live a completely new experience. If the answer is yes… you will also enjoy discovering! For this Father’s Day our proposal is that you do the Way of St. James together. As you already know, this route has many options for you to follow, so whether you are cycling enthusiasts, enjoy nature and animals, hiking or both for a religious reason, it will be a good idea. As you can see, nothing will escape your expectations. But if you’re still in doubt, let’s give you a few reasons why you’ll definitely see this plan as accurate as we do.

Let us make a plan together

Deciding whether this is a good place for both of you, the medium in which you will cross the road, when it is a good time to travel, or which way is your favorite are great details. And it is these little moments when it will be necessary to unite in order to reach an agreement that will begin with the adventure. Because teamwork and the search for solutions are somehow the objective of this trip. The union that may be lacking in other aspects will be the key from which this gift departs, so imagine how many wonderful things you can live together in this experience.

Know Chambers

Travelling is the best way to get to know yourself and your companion in depth. You may have lived with Dad a lifetime or years long enough to know his story. But surely there will be details of his life that you’ll love to hear from him. The open air, the people who accompany the road and the landscapes will serve as a liberating method and you will probably want to reveal some confidences.


You will share knowledge such as music on the way to Santiago or your experiences on other trips and everything you have learned on them. You can also use this time to talk about the motivation that infuses in both this opportunity or curiosities of nature that surrounds you. And remember, this is an exchange; because we are sure that there will be many things that you can teach him.


Far away (but not isolated) from all these factors that will bring you together, there is another rather more crucial one; probably the most relevant. Don’t forget to take advantage of this adventure to relax. Changing the environment, breathing other airs and leaving the city will be the potion of the freshness you were probably looking for. Being outside your comfort zone is indispensable for new motivations to spend time together.


And it’s once you’re out (relaxed and carefree as you come to the end of this wonderful road) that the words will come out alone. We advise you to take the opportunity to say what you feel, which at home is a little complicated to tell. This is going to be a special day and not just because it is called “Father’s Day” but because you will be working side by side and striving for the same goal. And in fact, this is the main reason why you can express yourself freely. That you help each other and walk the same path together makes you companions. And every partner conducts conversations on an equal footing. Feel free to do so!


The gift

It is true that in these days a present is expected and, as we have said, it is somewhat difficult to decide what will be. Coexistence, family ties and life’s difficulties can make relationships a little dull. So why not shine it? We believe there is nothing more refreshing and refreshing than quality time in company and of course, with your feet on a great route. So don’t doubt it: there is no better gift for father’s day than the company of his son.


To return home together, sharing the opinions of both on the Camino de Santiago and the people you have met will be the icing on the cake. Because we want this not only to be a unique experience, but also a repeatable one. Take with you all the good things you get out of this day!
And if you’ve come to this point it’s because you were really interested in creating new feelings with your father. Well, we want these tips to encourage you to do it! Remember that this experience can be incomparable and that thousands of sensations may arise that you had not yet lived with your father. If he gave you life, how could you not give him the chance of a few days by your side?