Nowadays the Camino de Santiago has become a journey accessible to all kinds of people, groups and ages without any kind of discrimination. In recent years, it has experienced an increasing modernization in its infrastructure in terms of signaling, conditioning of the paths, conservation of natural, historical and cultural heritage, but also in the quality and variety of services offered to the pilgrim.Today we tell you how the baggage Transport works.

Although there are many pilgrims who decide to carry their backpacks for hundreds of kilometres, more and more are choosing to hire the baggage transport service. Whether it is for health reasons, to prevent injuries, because you need to carry more weight than you can carry or simply for comfort, the truth is that it has become one of the most demanded services on the Camino de Santiago.

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How does baggage transport work?

This service is included in all our trips, without the need to hire additional services. 

Once your booking has been confirmed, we will send you a set of stickers to your home with your credentials, which you must cover with the following information:. Name and surname, contact telephone number, location and name of the accommodation assigned to you. Once you have filled in the stickers with all the data, you must stick them on your rucksack in a visible place.

The operation is the same throughout the Camino de Santiago. The transfer of backpacks is carried out from the reception of the accommodation you leave to the reception of the accommodation you are going to. 

Normally all the accommodations have a place enabled where you will be able to leave your suitcases before the arrival of the transporters. We always recommend that you check with the receptionist of the establishment to make sure that you leave your suitcase in the right place.

Como funciona el transporte de equipaje en el Camino de Santiago

How many suitcases can I take with me during the baggage transport?

As we have mentioned before, all our trips include the baggage transport service. Only one suitcase per person is included, but in case you want to move more baggage you can add as many additional suitcases as you need to your reservation. 

Measures, weight and other recommendations

► As a general rule, it is recommended that the weight of the suitcase does not exceed 20 kg. 

As we always say, we are not Ryanair. No one will refuse to carry your baggage because it is a little overweight or because the suitcase is larger than usual.

We recommend above all to have common sense. Think that carriers have to move a large volume of baggage and baggage every day, up and down stairs and move it several meters to the vehicle.

The baggage should be as compact as possible with all pockets closed. You should not carry bags, objects or sleeping bags that are hung up or tied up as they may come loose during transport.

You should always check that the suitcase or backpack is in good condition before the trip. 

The agency, the transporters and the accommodations that receive the baggage, will not be responsible for the loss of objects or breakage of the luggage due to its bad condition. 

Medidas transporte de equipaje Camino de Santiago

Timetable for collection and delivery of baggage on the Camino de Santiago

Your suitcase must be in reception before 08:30 every morning. It is very important to be punctual in this regard, as any delay in dropping off your suitcase may cause problems in all deliveries on that day or even that your luggage will not be picked up and will remain at the accommodation.

The suitcases are usually delivered to the next accommodation before 14:00, normally coinciding with the time when the pilgrims usually arrive at the accommodation.

Sometimes there can be slight delays in delivery for any reason: a suitcase that has been left behind or any other unforeseen event of the carrier.

Transporte de equipaje Camino de Santiago

I can’t find my suitcase. What should I do?

There are very few times when a suitcase is lost, but we will not deny that it can happen. Most commonly it is due to a dropped label, a mistake in the names of the accommodations or any other human error or misdirection.

If your accommodation is unable to locate your suitcase, do not worry, at all times you will have a telephone number where we will help you to find it so that you can receive it as soon as possible. All the suitcases end up appearing after a couple of calls, so take it easy. The worst thing that can happen is that you have to wait a little while for a drink on any terrace.

Do you need more information about luggage transport? Write to us at [email protected] or call us at +34 694 40 81 78

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