Surely many times you have wondered if it would be possible to do the Camino de Santiago with your furry companion. The answer is YES! All of us who have a dog know how complicated it can sometimes be to plan holidays or getaways where we can take our faithful companion with us. If you are thinking of doing the Camino de Santiago, you are in luck! The trail has all the necessary infrastructure so you can enjoy this experience with your dog.

Obviously, planning a walk with a dog means scheduling more things than we need to do on our own, but don’t worry! In the following lines we tell you everything you need to know about it. Take note!

What should you take into account before starting the Camino with your dog?

First of all, the first thing you need to think about is which route of the Camino de Santiago to choose. When doing the Camino with your dog, we recommend you to choose the French or Portuguese Way, as they are the best prepared routes for the needs of your furry friend. Of course, we also advise you to do the route with a duration of around 120 kilometres. A longer route could become a real ordeal for your pet.

Physical preparation of the dog

Just like you, he will also have to prepare himself. We recommend that you spend at least a month walking at least 2 hours a day with your dog. If possible, try to combine walks on asphalt, dirt and gravel roads. If you can spare one day a week to go hiking in the mountains, all the better!

All the trips to do the Camino de Santiago with your dog

Program accommodation and travel

Walking with your pet means leaving nothing to chance. Before starting the journey, you must be sure to do so with all the daily accommodation bookings made and the same for travel. Regardin