What to carry in the backpack to the Camino de Santiago is one of the doubts that every beginner pilgrim usually has. How to know if we carry a lot of luggage, what is essential that we can not leave behind or how to know if we are well prepared, are some of the questions that we will help you answer in this post.

We started, put the things on top of the bed !

Starting at the beginning: where do I take my things?

It is always advisable to carry a hiking backpack of our size, that is, one that fits our height and physical condition. In our post about the backpack on the road, you will find all the recommendations to get a backpack suitable for you. Of course, this backpack becomes mandatory in case you are going to do the road without carrying any luggage. However, if you are one of those who has hired a luggage transport service, you can carry your things in a suitcase if you prefer.
In case you carry your things in a suitcase, you will have to take with you a small backpack to carry during the stage. This way you can take with you everything you need for the route.

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The “big” backpack: everything you need to carry in a compressed form

Your suitcase must be built on three fundamental blocks: what is essential, what you cannot forget under any circumstances and what is advisable.

• The essential


The type of clothing will depend on the time of year you are going to make the way. In general, you will need the following:
-Underwear: as much as you need for the days of your journey, and some extra just in case. For women, we recommend that you wear low-impact sports bras to be more comfortable.
-Socks: as many as the days you are on the road and a couple of extra ones just in case, better if they are special for hiking to avoid chafing or blisters!
-2 trousers: if it is winter long hiking trousers. If it is summer and the weather is good, sport shorts. However, it is advisable to always wear a pair of long trousers or tights just in case.
-T-shirts: long or short sleeve techniques. Although they weigh little and do not bulge at all, 3 or 4 will be enough. If it is winter, wear thermal undershirts. Remember the “onion technique”.
A backpack to carry everything
-Sweatshirt: if it is summer always one to wear at night if it gets cold. If it is winter, it will be part of your daily clothing on the way, and better if it is a polar lining, as it is warm and sweaty at the same time.
-Impermeable: whether it’s summer or winter, you never know when it might rain!
-Trekking jacket: for the winter
-Gloves, hat and scarf or panties: if it’s winter.
-Hat or cap: if it’s summer
Although at first glance it may seem that you have not been there long, don’t worry. We advise you to take the basics with you as you will always find laundries at the start and end of the stage, where you can wash the necessary items.


-Two pairs, recommended:
The first ones should be quite comfortable for walking, (sneakers or trekking shoes that sweat well). It is advisable that you have already done a bit of filming to check if they bother you or not.
The second ones should be sandals or similar open shoes, so that at the end of each stage you can rest your feet. If you are going to stay in a hostel, we recommend that you bring some flip-flops so that you can use them in the shower as well.
 Trekking boots


Brush, toothpaste and deodorant, as well as any other product you need for your personal hygiene. Moisturizing cream or after sun if it is summer and sunscreen. A bottle of shampoo-gel.
A towel: better a thin one of fast drying.

First-aid kit:

It is advisable to take a small basic first aid kit with painkillers, betadine, bandages, Vaseline, muscle cream and a needle and thread for the blisters.

• Which you can’t forget under any circumstances

Personal documentation: ID card or passport. Also cash and credit card. Of course, the mobile phone with the charger and if you can a portable battery in case it is necessary. And don’t forget the credential!

 Stamped credential

• Recommended accessories

Now we are going to list a number of accessories that are recommended:
Trekking stick, flashlight, laundry bag, knee brace, reflective bracelet, bikini or swimsuit and sunglasses, mainly. If you are going to stay in hostels, we also recommend that you bring a sleeping bag and ear plugs.

Finally: What is necessary to carry during the stage

During the stage you will need to take your personal documents and mobile phone with you. Good hydration is very necessary, so you should bring a good amount of water. It is also advisable to bring snacks such as fruit or nuts. The latter provide a lot of energy. If you are a hypotensive person, we recommend that you carry energy sachets of fruit with you.

We hope that we have helped you to be clear about all the essential things that you must take with you on the way to Santiago. If you are going to do it by bike, in our post about the way by bike you will find all the necessary information about what to take. Or if, on the contrary, you want to turn your pet into a little pilgrim, in this link you will find all the necessary information.

Good Way!

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