There are many pilgrims who undertake a journey of 1 month with Santiago de Compostela as their final goal, but it is clear that not everyone can afford to be so much time away for whatever reason. In this occasion we will dedicate an article to all those people that want to obtain their Compostela realizing a precious route of seven days, one week, giving several options:

French road from Sarria: the most easy to do in 1 week

It is the route most chosen by our customers, this route is the most recommended contact to make the Camino de Santiago. A journey of 7 days that begins in Sarria and includes the last 110 kilometers to Santiago de Compostela.

It consists of 5 stages with an average of 25 kilometers each in which rivers and dense forests will be crossed, in addition we will have the opportunity to see a lot of monuments such as Romanesque churches such as Ferreiros and Barbadelos or monasteries such as Vilar de Donas or San Salvador. This trip is designed to walk during the mornings and to take advantage of the afternoon to know the towns in which we will lodge, and we are sure that you will be enchanted with this trip.

Portuguese way from Tui: 1 week

A beautiful path that will start in the town of Tui, in Pontevedra. This is an 8-day trip that will travel about 120 kilometers before reaching Santiago and get our Compostela.  This road comprises 8 stages with a level of difficulty that is generally low, with an average of 20 kilometers each.  We will have the opportunity to visit the famous cathedral of Tui before embarking on the adventure.

We will contemplate several monuments along the way in which the Sanctuary of the Pilgrim Virgin and the ruins of the convent of Santo Domingo stand out. In addition, we will cross small villages that will make us travel through time. We will stop in the municipality of Padrón, if this name rings a bell, it is probably because of the peppers, as they originate from the agricultural crops of this locality. Obviously this trip will end in Santiago, where we will spend a day getting to know the city. Book your trip from Tui with us.

French Bike Trail from Leon to S.Compostela in a week

If you are a lover of cycling and would like to make this stretch of the road by bike, this is certainly your choice. A journey over valleys and mountains where you can enjoy the charm of the road combining it with your favorite sport. We will complete an itinerary of stages that includes 8 days by bicycle and an average of 50 kilometers per day. The march will begin in León and we will cross localities known as O Cebreiro or Arzúa to finally arrive at Santiago and get our longed for Compostela.

We hope this article has been useful to you, and have fed your desire to do the Camino de Santiago, if you have any questions or want to know more about these wonderful journeys do not hesitate to contact us.
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