Would you like to do the Camino de Santiago, you are over 60 years old and you are wondering if you could do it? We have some good news for you, and that is that yes, of course you can do it, although you have to do it by keepa few tips in mind. If you are reading this, it is probably the first time that you do the Camino de Santiago, and in this article we want to answer all your questions and inform you in this article we want to answer all your questions and inform you about everything you need to know if you are what you should know if you are undecided, because of your age, to enjoy the Camino.

Preparation: Am I too old for this?

For a pilgrim over 60 years old to do the Camino de Santiago is not impossible, although in the first place it is advisable to consult your doctor about your state of health.perhaps by having a medical checkup and a stress test. Be that as it may, of course, it is possible: consider that, according to the official statistics of the Pilgrim’s Office of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. In 2019 (we are not counting 2020, with the Camino “semi-closed” because of the COVID-19 pandemic), 19% of pilgrims were over 60 years old. 19% of the pilgrims were older than 60 springsso do the math.

Next, it is important to train for at least two weeks or more beforehand.At first, we will take short walks, and then gradually increase the daily distance. For example, start with 5 kilometer walks round trip, and gradually increasing the distances up to 15 or 20 kilometres a day.. Everyone knows their limits. For this training it is advisable to be accompanied, especially when the distances begin to be considerable. As you walk along, you will surely you will feel a sense of physical well-beingwhich is what you will ultimately you will find during your experience on the Camino..

Hands of an old woman holding trekking canes

The routes: how hard is the Camino?

As you well know, the Camino de Santiago is a set of routes that lead to Santiago de Compostela, with different origins. There are several routes, with different mileages, levels of difficulty, some with more services than others, but all well signposted. It is important to choose the right route, perhaps looking for those with fewer slopes and generous services.

The most walked are the French Way from Sarria y the Portuguese Way from Tui with its last 100 kilometres and the mythical arrival in Santiago de Compostela, are not very steep and are very well equipped with services, such as restaurants, bars, hostels, guesthouses, hotels, luggage transport services, taxis, etc.

Just as important as choosing the route is choosing the right time of year. Avoid doing the Camino in very hot months such as June, July and August, which are also the months that have statistically more pilgrim traffic. The ideal is to do the Camino between March and May and even between September and October.

Planning: how many kilometres can I cover per day?

You can jump in and start the Camino without having it organized, but it is advisable to plan the division of stages beforehand. On average, pilgrims walk between 20