Contact with nature is one of the most wonderful pleasures that many people cannot resist, especially when they are subjected to the chaos and noise of the city. And maybe who doesn’t want to be in complete silence contemplating the majestic immensity of the world in the peak of a mountain observing the stars and relaxing our mind. Today we’ll bring you the best refuges in Picos de Europa.
Well, we’ll tell you about the best refuges in Picos de Europa where you can connect with nature and enjoy the beauty of its landscapes.

Popular refuges  


Bujaruelo Refuge

It is located near the Ordesa and Monteperdido National Park and from where you can head to the peaks surrounding the Gavarnie Glacial Circus and Europe’s largest 400m high waterfall. There you will be able to do different mountaineering activities for beginners.

Refuge Urriellu  

This is one of the oldest refuges in Picos de Europa, it has been offering different services to visitors for more than 60 years. This is located at the top of Pico Urriellu and has been conditioned by the authorities of Asturias who are the owners of the place, has the necessary amenities to spend the night and enjoy the landscape offered by the Cantabrian Sea.

Refuge Collado Jermoso  

One of the refuges of the Picos de Europa with the best panoramic view, which is due to its location at 2,064 m. altitude from where you can observe the high mountain of Leon. Inside you will be able to access with rubber swabs to rest from the hard mountain shoes, to contemplate the landscape of the summits in the terrace while you enjoy the dawn or the dusk with a delicious wine and to obtain a deserved rest, you will be able to go to the nearby mountains known as El Llambrión of 2.642 m. of height, La Palanca with 2.614 m. of height and El Friero with a height of 2.554 m.

Refuge Jou de los Cabrones

Its name is due to the courage of the men who managed to get there, since it is the most difficult refuge to access, being 2,034 meters high and of course has no greater luxuries, only has what is necessary for travelers to spend the night and rest. Undoubtedly you will enjoy beautiful landscapes from the huge peaks and the immensity of the surrounding mountains. It’s considered the second highest in the whole country.

Refuge de la Terenosa

An ideal place to stay and well known by tourists who trek through the Picos. Its location allows you to see the clouds hidden in the enchanting valleys and sunsets. It is a picturesque refuge formed by cattle cabins near the road that leads to Pico Urriellu by the Massif Central at 1,300 m. An important fact for tourists is that the refuge is open continuously throughout the year.

Refugio de la Vega de Ario

To get there you will have to do a 3 hour excursion from Lake Ercina and it is ideal to rest and continue ascending to the Jultayu peak where you will be able to access incredible landscapes. Even if you do not want to continue the road you can enjoy the beautiful views offered by the location of this place, in the Massif Occidental at 1,630 m. high. An important fact for tourists is that this is not available from May to October.

Recommendations for staying in the refuges in the Picos de Europa

It is very important to make contact with the shelter in advance, so you can be sure that they will be active in its service during the time of year in which you intend to travel. You will also be able to make sure that they have room for you and those who accompany you.
If this is the first time you have taken these routes, then it is best to communicate with the shelter near the place where you intend to arrive, so you can be informed of the weather situation and of course you will have the exact location to arrive in case of any inconvenience that may arise during the tour.
On different websites you can find contact details of many more shelters and their location.