The province of Albacete hides one of the most beautiful natural sites in Spain. And it is not other that the Natural Park of the Calares del Río Mundo and the Sima. It is a tourist place that calls the attention for its waterfalls of 80 meters high, for the wells of water known as calderetes and for an impressive forest full of pines, yews, willows, elms and ashes. All of this serves as the backdrop for one of the most delirious hiking routes in Castilla La Mancha: the one to the source of the Río Mundo

The tributary begins in the town of Riópar, located in the Sierra de Alcaraz region, just from where this low-difficulty hike begins, although of course most of the way is uphill. It is ideal for any person; it can even be carried out with small children.

The route is 800 meters long. During the perfectly signaled route you will enjoy beautiful views through two viewpoints, of the fauna formed mainly by deer, mountain goats, wild boars, squirrels and golden eagles; of an imposing cave and diverse waterfalls.

What to do on the route to the Source of Río Mundo?

¿Qué hacer en la ruta hasta el Nacimiento del Río Mundo? II

Riópar will become the starting point to enjoy the route to the Source of Río Mundo. From there you will depart to Siles and Chorros del Río Mundo. Leave the car parked in the nearest esplanade and start the tour on foot through the park.

Enjoy its natural treasures, among them the cliffs of Calar del Mundo, which is a cliff of about 300 meters high that is impressive to the naked eye.

¿Qué hacer en la ruta hasta el Nacimiento del Río Mundo?

This trekking route is signposted.

And although the stretch is mostly uphill, anyone can do it. To complete it, we suggest you take the following precautions: wear comfortable clothes and shoes, small backpack, carry water bottles, camera and, of course, all your energy to complete one of the best excursions of this 2019.

While you walk among the bushes, you will reach the Hole of Los Chorros, whose amphitheater shape will make you think about how curious nature’s whims usually are.

¿Qué hacer en la ruta hasta el Nacimiento del Río Mundo? III

Right in the center of the route you will see how the Mundo River descends through cliffs and cliffs, forming waterfalls and jumps of singular beauty. Take advantage of the occasion to appreciate the calderetas, which are pools of water that look great during the spring, due to the amount of water that flows through them.

At Calar del Mundo you will see the subway cavities, formed by species of galleries through which the water flows, forming marvelous wells and waterfalls later on.

¿Qué hacer en la ruta hasta el Nacimiento del Río Mundo? IV

One of the great attractions of this route is undoubtedly the Los Chorros Cave, one of the most important in the country. It is 25 meters wide, 15 meters high and has at least 50 kilometers of galleries inside.

Take into consideration that the entrance to the Natural Park is conditioned to 100 vehicles and 6 buses. The reason is simple: It is a safety method in case of emergency due to fire, which is mainly activated during high season when the number of visits increases.

Where to eat?

Is it possible to eat delicious food near the Source of Río Mundo after hiking in Riopar? Of course it is, especially in the restaurants of our selection:

Mesón Las Kañas

Here they serve delicious homemade food. In fact, it is one of the best places to eat in Riopar, so it is one of the most recommended by diners. Apart from being exquisite, the portions are abundant. It also stands out for its good service and unbeatable atmosphere. It is located in Calle de Toledo, 4, in Riopar.

La Taberna de Los Vientos

In La Taberna de Los Vientos you can eat very well. And this is what the diners have made known. Perfectly prepared local food, with abundant portions and exquisite seasoning. It is also especially valued for the friendly treatment of the waiters, who, without a doubt, know very well how to make the visitor feel at home. Find it in Almenara Street, 12, Riopar.

San Juan Restaurant

It offers a great menu for a few euros. Without a doubt, it is one of the best options because it allows you to taste delicious homemade food. Enjoy good portions and the attention of the best waiters in the area at Restaurante San Juan located in calle Maestro Galindo Arjona, 10, Riópar.

Where to sleep?

Riópar has a wide range of tourist attractions. And for that reason it also offers visitors excellent places to stay. Here is one of the most recommended:

Hotel Rural Cortijo Puente Faco

If you are looking for a quiet place, with good services and impressive views, then the Hotel Rural Cortijo Puente Faco is an excellent option. This lodging place is in a mountain and offers an incomparable panoramic view of the park. Its rooms are comfortable, WiFi and free parking.

Hotel Riópar Spa

This is another of the alternatives for resting peacefully in Riopar. It has an indoor swimming pool, comfortable rooms with a view of the Alcaraz and Segura mountains, spa, TV and free WiFi. There you will also find a restaurant to taste delicious Spanish dishes.

Rio Mundo Hostel

It is located in the town and has become an accommodation option in recent months. Its comfortable rooms offer satellite TV, free WiFi connection and private bathroom. The hostel is located a few kilometers from the Calares Natural Park.

How to get there?

¿Cómo llegar?

To visit the Source of Río Mundo you must make a first stop in Riópar. And then we will tell you how to get there from Albacete. Riópar is located right on the CM-412 road, between the towns of Eche de la Sierra and Alcaraz.

To travel by car it is necessary to take the road N-322 that will lead you to Alcaraz. After another 11 kilometers, take the CM-412 road, which connects with Riopar.

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