If you like to enjoy pure nature and wildlife, then this is the place for you. Somiedo Natural Park is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, therefore it is a protected area due to the richness of its natural and ethnographic elements. The place is surrounded by green valleys, extensive lakes, mysterious caves, chasms, narrow gorges and high peaks.

Tour of the lakes of Somiedo

Also known as the lakes of Saliencia and made up of 5 lakes of glacial origin called La Cueva, Cerveriz, La Mina, Calabazosas and the largest and most famous lake in the Valley. It is home to several species of amphibians that are protected by environmental authorities. The landscape offered by these majestic lakes is marvelous, which is why it is worth a visit.

The most visited and famous route is the Lake Valley route, a place desired by tourists for picnics in some areas.

Hiking Routes in the Somiedo Natural Park

Undoubtedly this park has been rated as the best place in Spain for hiking, since it has different routes and you can choose the level of difficulty and extension, there are even routes for people in a state of disability either visual or mobility. Information about these routes can be obtained by visiting the Interpretation Centre of Somiedo Natural Park, also informing you about vulnerable areas through which you should not transit since they are part of protection and conservation.

Parque Natural de Somiedo

Observe the wildlife and incredible species in the Natural Park of Somiedo

The largest population of brown bears in the country and all of Western Europe is found in this park, however, they are often very elusive and you will only have the opportunity to see them from the last days of April to the first days of May when they graze near their hibernation place. From August to September and especially during the sunsets, although you will have to use instruments such as telescopes, since they look for very remote places, so we recommend hiring the services of guides, who will take you on the best roads where you can safely see these wonderful species up close.

Other species such as capercaillies, wolves and deer, as well as other species of mammals of the mountain range, take refuge in this great place.

Somiedo Natural Park has also been declared a worldwide bird protection zone. So it’s a special place for bird lovers. There you can observe species such as partridges, blackbirds, blackbirds, capercaillies, choughs, alpine sparrows, golden eagles, among other wonderful species.

Gastronomy of the Somiedo Natural Park

Exquisite mountain dishes you can enjoy during your stay. Among which we highlight the pot of cabbage with fabas accompanied by chorizo, bacon and blood sausage.

The red meat of Asturian veal is another of the delicious dishes that you will find there. As well as dessert game meats such as freisuelos, flan or borrachinos you will love them.

One of Somiedo’s best-known dishes are the culines de cider, which has been very well received by hikers after making mountain route.

Cudrin de Sidra Somiedo

To know the ethnography of the place and its traditions

The place is populated by an ancestral population known as the vaqueiros, this cultural group is located to the west but always move to the mountains during the hottest seasons where they form their settlements. These can be recognized thanks to the brañas de teitos, which is the place where the cattle graze, made up of cabins with thatched roofs. These cabins have been maintained for centuries evidencing the tradition of shepherding of this population. Other human groups of stable residence inhabit the place and their economic activity is based on livestock.

You won’t be able to miss all the magic of this magnificent place, which offers all types of accommodation for visitors. You can choose between rural houses, camping sites, hotels or apartments in the village of Pola de Somiedo, where you will find a wide range of hotels.