Of all the places to discover in the council of Llanes you must give priority to the Natural Monument of Bufones de Arenillas. They are located a little less than a kilometer from Puertas de Vidiago, within the Protected Landscape of the Eastern Coast of Asturias.

They have gained popularity for being the largest and most spectacular in the region. In fact, it is the largest among the jesters you will find on the east coast. And you can appreciate them at their best on autumn and winter days thanks to the strong waves and wind.

But what exactly are the Natural Monument of Bufones de Arenillas and why have they become a must-see in the Principality of Asturias?

Basically, they are cracks created by erosion in the limestone rocks of the cliffs. This phenomenon caused that on the land species of natural chimneys were conformed from where the water leaves shot to spurts, which spout, when the tide is enough embrave.

The pressure makes the water jet reach up to 40 meters high, accompanied, of course, by a strong roar or snort, so it owes its name to the buffoon. And yes, you can hear it from several kilometers away.

What to do in Bufones de Arenillas?

Qué hacer en Bufones de Arenillas

This is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Llanes, along with the Bufones de Pría and Bufones de Santiuste.

The route to reach this place begins on a path near the village of Puertas de Vidiago.

Just arriving you will have a beautiful view of the coast from the cliffs and you will witness the majesty of their jesters, declared a natural monument on December 5, 2005.

Qué hacer en Bufones de Arenillas II

With a bit of good luck, you will see how the Cantabrian Sea enters with all its strength through the bottom of the jester due to the effect of the strong waves.

From there, it will rise to the surface passing through the cavities, which causes, besides a strong roar (Bromadoriu’s moans), a spectacular water jet that is better seen from afar so as not to succumb to the pressure.

Qué hacer en Bufones de Arenillas III

Now, if you go when the tide is calm, you will surely only hear the snorting or whistling generated by the air pressure, which also represents a pleasant experience.

Not everyone can see the effects of this natural phenomenon to the fullest, but if you are one of the lucky ones, then live the experience to the fullest, as the process will simply leave you stumped.

Where to eat?

If you have already enjoyed an interesting walk through Bufones de Arenillas, then you will have to replenish your energy in the best restaurants near the place. Take a look at our selection.

Casa Poli

It is definitely a good suggestion. It stands out for its delicious tapas and cheese cakes. And it is a hidden but very pretty restaurant that is characterized by the good attention of its managers and by an atmosphere by others pleasant. You can reserve a place if you want. It is located in Puertas de Vidiago.

Sidrería Hoyu L’agua

This restaurant combines excellent home cooking, friendly atmosphere and exceptional service. It also stands out for the abundance of its rations and good price. Eat a delicious salad or an exquisite goat. If you want to have lunch here, then you will have to travel to Puertas de Vidiago.

La Amistad

It is one of the best surprises you can find in Llanes. Nice place, sensational homemade food, abundant rations and excellent attention. Try the homemade cheese croquettes with apple jam. You will surely end up sucking your fingers. There is no doubt that La Amistad is an excellent choice at lunchtime.

Where to sleep?

For a perfect itinerary to the Bufones de Arenillas, include places to sleep in the guide. Find the best options here and the ones with the best price as well:

Bufón de Arenillas

If you are looking for comfort and elegance, this is a perfect alternative. The hotel has all the services for quiet nights. It has free Internet connection and satellite TV. It is located in the town of Riego, a short distance from Llanes.

Hotel Pugide

Between the Bufones de Arenillas and the popular rock Idolo de Peña Tú, is located one of the best places to stay in the area. 10 kilometers from Llanes is this hotel with comfortable rooms, free Internet connection and other quality services to make your stay a pleasant experience.

Casas Las Hortensias

There is no doubt that at Casas Las Hortensias you will find everything you need to make your stay unique. In addition, it has a beautiful garden, ideal to disconnect; zones for barbecue, private parking and connection to free Wifi. It also has three bedrooms, flat screen TV, bathroom with bathtub, kitchen and dining room.

How to get there?

Cómo llegar

Puertas de Vidiago is located a few kilometers from the Natural Monument of Bufones de Arenillas. The Asturian population is near the N-634 / E-70 road.

At a short distance from the sign of this small village in the council of Llanes there is a pass that you have to take.

From then on you will have to go through a narrow path that will lead you to a parking lot. There you will leave the car and continue walking to the buffoons.

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