If you feel the need to escape from the city and everyday life, then seek a safe haven in the Ribeira Sacra, province of Lugo, Galicia. It is a place of unimaginable beauty, natural landscapes worthy of magazine postcards and delicious wines produced with Amandi grapes. But it is also essential for the fantastic views over the canyons of the Sil and a valley that shines 365 days a year, thanks, of course, to the viewpoint of Pena do Castelo.

Quieres hacer el camino de santiago y no sabes por donde empezar

It is one of those iconic places that must be discovered in the midst of excursions and routes through the community of San Martiño de Doade this 2019. When you arrive you will simply lose your breath and its panoramic views (from more than 600 meters high) will make this adventure become one of the best experiences of your life.

Now, if you want to know more about this enclave located in the middle of one of the most delirious passages of Spain, if you want to taste the most delicious dishes of the region and know about the culture and local people, do not miss this opportunity to visit with us the viewpoint of Pena do Castelo and its surroundings. Ready!?

Routes to Pena do Castelo viewpoint and other Doude viewpoints

Walking the paths of the Doude is an experience of desire that fans will enjoy at 100.

It is a tourist route of moderate difficulty, which will take you to border the Valguaire Falls to finally reach the Pena do Costelo viewpoint. The place is the right place for a fantastic view of the landscape and to know a hermitage made in homage to San Amaro, located right at the top of the valley.

We return to the return route and after 200 metres of road turn left along a stretch with little signposting. You will go straight to a point where you will be able to observe the viewpoint of Souto Chao in the distance.

Now, the crossing will take you to the Mirador do Duque, a point of interest from where it is possible to appreciate the pier of Doude.

After being enraptured by such beauty, take the road back to the town of Francos, where you will finally rest from an exhausting (but enriching) walk through the valley.

Other leisure activities available are catamaran rides. Get on one of these boats in the port of Santo Estevo, navigate through the canyons of the Sil and feel how the riverside landscape is filling you with good energy.

Where to eat in Pena do Castelo?

The range of options is wide to eat delicious near the viewpoint Pena do Castelo. Get to know our selection:

A Cantina

A Cantina is run by friendly people who will make your stay in this restaurant an unforgettable experience. They offer delicious peppers, hake and octopus. It stands out for its traditional cuisine, the best style of “homemade”, so it is a recommended alternative. It is located on the road from Monforte de Lemos to Castro Caldela in Doade.

Merenzao Restaurant Wine Shop

The food is exceptional and the wine, a pleasure that you can not stop giving yourself. The sirloin, with its deliciousness; but you are going to love the entrecot. This restaurant offers the best views, the best attention and an unparalleled atmosphere that invites you to come back very soon. Look for it at Doade 55, 27424 Sober, Spain.

Restaurant Parada de Sil

Among so many options near the viewpoint, this one is truly charming. It’s an a la carte restaurant where you’ll feel at home for his kind attention. But you will be surprised by the variety of dishes, generous portions and a good price. It is located at Rua do Barrio 2, Parada de Sil, Spain.

Where to sleep in Pena do Castelo?

Finding accommodation can be a bit difficult, especially if it is the first time you are going to a place. But as we are here to help you, we will make some recommendations for accommodation sites near the Pena do Castelo lookout.

Casa Ruperto

It is located in San Martiño and is a true option. The attention is magnificent and the services are of a very high quality. The rural house has barbecue, fireplace and garden. The best thing is that they accept the presence of animals, so you can take your pet out of old. It has comfortable rooms, so your stay will be the most pleasant.

Monforte de Lemos – apartament  Ribeira Sacra

Right in the central historic quarter of Monforte de Lemos is located this apartment that you can occupy during your holidays or free days. It is close to wine shops and restaurants, so you will have everything at your fingertips. From there you can visit the pools next to the river Cabe and the canyons of the Sil to cross it in catamaran.

Casa Rural Roja

In the Ribeira de Sacra is one of the most popular rural houses in the region. It is ideal to accommodate groups of people because it is spacious and comfortable. It has fireplaces, lounge, washing machine and ironing area, garden and terrace. It is a unique place, with a service according to the needs of the guest and a very pleasant atmosphere.

How do I get to Pena do Castelo?

Cómo llegar

Take the road from Doade to Francos. Pay attention to a path that goes to the right, half way, where you will find a parking lot. Leave the car there and continue on foot until you reach the viewpoint, some 600 metres above sea level.