The Galician coast is an essential place to visit for nature and sea lovers. It has a lot to offer, especially during the summer when the climate invites you to discover even the most hidden corners. And thanks to this guide you will be able to get to know the region from end to end through the best tourist routes on the Galician coast, designed for those who wish to disconnect and fill themselves with good vibes.

In this way you will discover fascinating paths that will take you to Rias Baixas, Costa da Morte, A Coruña and other areas privileged by their proximity to the Cantabrian Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, so that your visit becomes an unparalleled experience.

Now, if you want to know the best routes of the Galician coast pay attention to the following travel itinerary. We will tell you what to do and what to see on a delirious journey through this autonomous region located in the northwest of Spain.

Which are the best routes of the Galician coast?

The routes of the Galician coast are one of those places that cannot be missing from your list of places to visit on the Camino de Santiago. And you must travel them either by bike, car or walking. We’ll tell you which are the best and why they have become the favorite of national and international tourists.

Rias Baixas Route

Ruta de Rias Baixas

This tourist route includes tours of towns in the province of Pontevedra such as Combarro, O Grove and La Toja which are especially famous for being coastal areas, close to the Rias Baixas.

In addition to exploring the historical caste, tasting its gastronomy and meeting its people, these places invite you to enjoy their spas. There are no excuses for sunbathing on the sand or taking a well-deserved dip in its delicious waters.

Route along Costa da Morte

Ruta por Costa da Morte

The route along the Costa da Morte is characterized by large cliffs formed by the force of the waves over many years. Did you know that this place is an emblem of the autonomous community of Galicia? Then learn more about this magnificent place during this trip.

Although it is true that the region has many attractions, it is recommended to visit Fisterra, considered the last place in the world. If you have chosen it as a destination, you will discover why the ancestors believed that it was the end of the world. Another essential place is Cape Vilan, where the waterfall of Ézaro predominates due to its beauty.

Route through A Coruña

Ruta por A Coruña

In A Coruña you can enjoy the Atlantic and the Cantabrian Sea alike. Ortigueira is, in short, one of the best destinations in the province. From there you can hike to the cliffs of Loiba and then visit the Estaca de Bares.

Right in this place you will see the union between the sea and the ocean, which will surely represent one of the best experiences of your whole life.

Don’t leave out of the itinerary a visit to A Coruña itself. Its historical centre will surprise you as much as the Tower of Hercules, the oldest lighthouse on planet Earth.

Route through Mariña Lucense

Ruta por Mariña Lucense

Mariña Lucense has gradually earned a place in the hearts of tourists. The fact is that the region is beautiful, bathed by the sea, and allows visitors to disconnect and spend moments of relaxation. Ribadeo, Burela and Viveiro are just some of the most emblematic towns.

It is definitely one of the best hidden treasures on the routes of the Galician coast. And one of those places to carry out the most deserved tourist routes. Don’t miss out on any of the leisure activities, eating in its restaurants or enjoying nature.

Where to eat?

¿Dónde comer?

The Galician coast is an ideal destination for vacationers, not only because of its attractions and natural landscapes, but also because it allows for the enjoyment of exquisite menus in the best restaurants. And here are some of our suggestions.

Bar La Bombilla

Many have spoken wonders of this place. Without a doubt, one of the best for its abundant and delicious tapas. The homemade croquettes are usually their specialty, but the chorizo skewers and empanadas will encourage you to lick your fingers. Don’t miss the opportunity to have a nice beer. It is located in Calle de Torreiro, 6, in A Coruña.

Restaurant Mesón del Mar

Excellent food, good attention and family atmosphere at desire prices. Yes, this is how Mesón del Mar Restaurant is presented, where you can taste a delicious seafood for a few euros. Nor can you miss another of their specialties: fish from the estuary. Find it in the avenue of San Luis Casais, 25, in the town of O Grove.

Restaurant Rianxo in Pontevedra

Galician cuisine to all that it gives. The Restaurant Rianxo in Pontevedra offers one of the best menus with home-made food in the region, highlighting, of course, the fresh products of the sea. Octopus, horse mackerel, zamburiñas, sea bass and sea bream are some of the delicacies they have to serve and pamper your palate. It is located in Plaza da Leña, in Pontevedra.

Where to sleep?

¿Dónde dormir?

The travel itinerary to the coast of Galicia must necessarily include places to sleep peacefully and rest from a busy (but fun) day’s walk. Below are the best accommodations in the region:

Hotel Mar de Plata

If you want to rest in the town of A Coruña, this is certainly an excellent option. The hotel has free wifi, comfortable rooms, private bathroom and other services that will make your stay more comfortable. There is parking and pets are allowed.

Blue Coruña Hotel

This is one of the most modern hotels in the area, available to guests since 2004. It offers free WiFi, comfortable rooms, a free gym and a lounge for tasting delicious and refreshing drinks. Of course, it is located in A Coruña.

Gran Talaso Hotel Sanxenxo

Of the best accommodations on the Galician coast, this one has attracted a lot of attention from tourists. It is a super modern hotel that offers high-end services such as marine spa, beauty and wellness programs, and outdoor swimming pool. It is located in the town of Sanxenxo.

How to get there?

¿Cómo llegar?

Getting to Galicia is easy if you go by car. If you leave from Madrid take the A-6, you will drive 500 kilometers to Lugo and 590 kilometers to A Coruña. Then take the A-52 that will take you to towns like Ourense, Vigo, Santiago de Compostela and Pontevedra.

It is also possible to travel by plane, as there are connections from different cities in Spain to the airports of A Coruña, Santiago and Vigo.

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