Contact with nature is one of the most wonderful pleasures that many people cannot resist, especially when they are subjected to the chaos and noise of the city. And who wouldn’t want to be in complete silence contemplating the majestic immensity of the world on a mountain peak watching the stars and relaxing the mind? Today we bring you the best refuges in Picos de Europawhere you can connect with nature and enjoy the beauty of its landscapes.

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The Picos de Europa

Picos de Europa
is a mountain massif in the north of Spain. that belongs to the Cantabrian mountain range. Despite not being the Natural Park largest Natural Park in Spain, it is the second most visited in the whole countryafter the Teide National Park (Tenerife). If you want to visit it, keep reading, we will inform you about the best mountain refuges you can find here.

Refuge Cabaña Verónica (Cantabria)

This refuge, located in the Central Massif of the Picos de Europa National Park, is at an altitude of 2,325 metres above sea level. Its current function, as a mountain refuge for 6 people, is very different from the original one, since was an anti-aircraft battery. In its surroundings you can enjoy peaks such as Torre Blanca, Horcados Rojos, Peña Vieja and others. In addition, two hours away you will be able to use the Fuente Dé cable car. Whether you are federated or not, you can use this refuge, which offers breakfast, lunch, dinner and overnight stay.

The Picos de Europa through its refuges in the Horcado Rojo

Refuge Collado Jermoso (León)

One of the refuges of the Picos de Europa with the best panoramic the best panoramic viewwhich is due to its location at 2.064 m.a.s.l., in the Central Massif, from where you can observe the you can see the high mountains of León. Inside you can access with rubber clogs to rest from the hard mountain shoes, contemplate the scenery of the peaks on the terrace while enjoying the sunrise or sunset with a delicious wine and get a well-deserved rest. You can go to the nearby mountains known as El Llambrión with an altitude of 2.642 meters above sea level, La Palanca with 2.614 meters above sea level and El Friero with an altitude of 2.554 meters above sea level. With capacity for 32 people, it offers breakfast, lunch, dinner and overnight stay, and you can use it whether you are a member or not. In its
you can get more information.

Refuge Jou de los Cabrones (Asturias)

Its name refers to the mueños, large billy goats, now extinct, that inhabited these peaks of the Massif Central. Considered the second highest in the entire country, is the most difficult refuge to accessbeing at 2.034 meters above sea level. With its 20 seats, it does not have great luxuries, only the necessary for travelers to spend the night and rest. You will undoubtedly enjoy beautiful landscapes from the huge peaks and the immensity of the surrounding mountains. It offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, picnic, tent rental and overnight stay, and you can use it whether you are federated or not. In its
you have more information.

Terenosa Refuge (Asturias)

Still in the Central Massif, it is located in the Terenosa sheepfold at about 1,300 metres above sea level. In just 40 minutes you can reach the Pandebano pass on the way to Urriellu, at a beautiful spot of shepherd’s huts and wide pastures where cattle graze in summer. It offers breakfast, lunch, dinner and overnight stay, and you can use it whether you are federated or not.