O Pedrouzo • Last stop before Santiago

O Pedrouzo

O Pedrouzo is a city belonging to the autonomous community of Galicia, which is located in the municipality of O Pino, within the village of Arca. The fame of this town is due to the fact that it is surrounded by the Camino de Santiago and is about 20 km from Santiago de Compostela, therefore it is classically known as the last stop before the end of the journey.

The Camino a Santiago does not pass directly through the urban centre of Pedrouzo, however it borders it, therefore many pilgrims choose to deviate a little from the route to rest and eat in this beautiful place.

From this region there is only a four-hour drive to Santiago and here you can find all kinds of services. Besides, there are wonderful places where you can taste the Galician gastronomy.

In this place you will not find too many historical relics, but there are several architectural works to visit. Keep reading this article and find out about all the things you can do and see in O Pedrouzo, as well as getting the best recommendations for eating and resting.


Como llegar a O Pedrouzo

What to see and do in O Pedrouzo?

This Galician town offers several natural and historical attractions among which we must mention the parish church of Santa Eulalia de Arca. This chapel is surrounded by an atrium and the rector’s house which gives it elegance and value.

The church is located after an enclave with small rural houses that you will love. The chapel was built in neoclassical style and is very well decorated inside with images and its famous scallop-shaped altar. What we see today is the reconstruction of the original chapel that burned down at the end of the 19th century, when Spain was suffering the war against Cuba and the devotees were leaving this place to Compostela to pray for the victory of their country.


Que vér y hacer en O Pedrouzo

You can also visit the Church of Santa María de Castrofeito built at the end of the 19th century in a neoclassical style, the Church of Santa María de Gonzar with baroque forms and the Church of San Vicente de O Pino built in the 18th century in a baroque style.

In O Pino several festivities are recognized, therefore you can take into account these dates to plan your visit. One of the most popular festivities is the celebration of San Pedro on June 29th and the Festa do Galo e Mostra Cabalar, the first Sunday of August.


Where to eat in O Pedrouzo?


If you want to taste the delicious Galician food, O Predrouzo is a good place to do it. Here is a brief description of some of the best places to taste excellent traditional dishes.

Restaurant Regueiro

If you want to try a delicious octopus with clams, this restaurant has surprised more than one visitor. It offers very good prices and abundant portions. You can also get a menu here for 12 euros.

O Km 19

Here you will be well attended with excellent treatment by their expert waiters and you will be able to taste a quality menu at a good price. Try the Galician specialities on offer here.

Taste The Way

In this site you will be able to taste a pleasant atmosphere to share with other pilgrims. It offers you a long table, exquisite tapas, good drinks, dishes with good portions to share and they have a small market for you to make some useful purchases.

Bar Pedrouzo

If during your visit to Pedrouzo you feel like a good meal, visit this place. You will be well attended and you will be able to eat an authentic repotentiating menu for pilgrims. The visitors of the place comment on their good attention and price.

Where can I sleep in O Pedrouzo?


As an obligatory step for many pilgrims in O Pedrouzo you find without too much difficulty comfortable places to rest from your daily work. Below we will recommend some of the cheapest.

Pensión Pedrouzo

With an informal style in this pension you find the basic services in comfortable rooms. It is located on the N-547 road, 8 km from Santiago de Compostela airport and 13 km from the emblematic Gozo mountain.

Hostel Trisquel

If you want to stay in a quiet hostel in a rural environment, this place is ideal. Here you will find shared rooms with all the services, terrace, laundry service, besides having hydro massage showers, relax room, television and all the possible comforts to make the last stop on the pilgrim’s way as pleasant as possible.

Pensión Javier Pedrouzo

Qualified as a two-star hotel, it offers comfortable rooms with all services and free WiFi. It is well located, allowing you to rest near the best places of the place.

How to get to O Pedrouzo?

This town is located very close to Santiago de Compostela so it will take you about 20 minutes by car. It is located on the N-547 road, so this is its main communication and access route. The airport and the nearest bus lines are in Santiago.

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