If there is something important in the Camino de Santiago, are undoubtedly those moments of friendship shared after finishing each stage. The encounter with other pilgrims is what makes this experience unforgettable. And what better way to relax and share anecdotes and smiles than over a beer? Estrella Galicia knows this and that’s why it has created a special edition beer of the Camino de Santiago. For you to enjoy this trip from beginning to end.

Estrella del Camino Beer: A Very Special Witbier

How is it different from other beers? Why the Camino? Estrella Galicia goes beyond pure marketing, and that’s why it has wanted to make a beer that really brings together all the Ways in the same bottle. To do this, he has used ingredients collected from some of the most popular routes that together serve to refresh the palates of the long-suffering pilgrims.

The star of the Camino, the pilgrim's beer

Thus they have conceived a refreshing Witbier as tradition dictates, with hints of citrus and an evident presence of wheat. Pale and cloudy in appearance, its refreshing smell and taste make this beer an ideal companion for the summer, a necessary and more than deserved treat at the end of each stage.

The Levante Way

This delicious potion takes us to the Camino de Levante through the citrus scents and refreshing tones provided by the famous Valencia oranges. Undoubtedly the star product of those fields so productive that in other areas it has beenempos were ridden by the Cid Campeador. Pure vitamin for the walker who will undoubtedly make this concoction his particular manna.

The star of the Camino with oranges from Valencia

The French Way

Goethe said that “Europe was made by pilgrimage to Compostela”. But beyond its obvious European soul, the French Way is the preferred route for most pilgrims,
the route preferred by the majority of pilgrims, is the
is and has been throughout history the backbone of the north of the Peninsula. A great communication route that has united kingdoms for centuries, seeing pilgrims, shepherds, traders and reapers pass by. From east to west, the Camino crosses the wide fields of Castilla, where the barley that represents this legendary route is grown in Estrella Galicia’s new beer.