Why choose the English Way?

If you are thinking of walking the “Camino de Santiago” this year, this route is a very good option. Why? Among other reasons, the English Way route is one of the less crowded routes in existence.
This path will allow you to discover at every step impressive Galician landscapes. It is an interesting option to take it easy, considering some extra stops. In the following lines we explain why!
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The English Way: a route for the bold

The English Way was the route followed by pilgrims from Northern Europe. These intrepid travellers made the first part of the route by boat, until they reached the Galician coast. From Scandinavia and Iceland, pilgrims used the sea routes once navigated by their Viking ancestors. Imagine starting the Way by sailing the seas from Denmark or Scotland! If today it seems like a real adventure to us, think about what the pilgrims of the Middle Ages would feel!
After the exciting journey by boat, they disembarked mostly in the ports of Ferrol and A Coruña. From these points they began their journey on foot to Santiago. Thanks to these first pilgrims, little by little, the route we know today as the English Way was consolidated.

We are sure this little worm of feeling like intrepid pilgrims is already awakening in you!

All the routes of the Camino de Santiago

From Ferrol or from A Coruña?

Here we explain the duration

If you start walking from A Coruña, you will cover a total distance of 78 kilometers. On the other hand, from Ferrol the route is 122 kilometres long. So if you want to get the Compostela, we recommend you starting from Ferrol. From Ferrol you will do a total of 5 stages, with an average of 25 kilometers per day.
In both cases, the credential would have no effect if the English Way is completed by bicycle, as the minimum distance for this average is 200 kilometers.

Walker on the English Way

Walking the stages

As we have already mentioned, the route starts from the cities of Ferrol or A Coruña. These two places, full of history and magic, offer a multitude of things to visit. In line with our theme, the coast of A Coruña has a close historical relationship with England. Let us remember the attempts of the English to conquer A Coruña in the 16th century, commanded by the pirate Drake. Frustrated attempts according to history, thanks to María Pita, heroine of the city.
From Ferrol, the crossing runs towards Pontedeume, a beautiful “vila mariñeira”. Once in Pontedeume, with the Fragas do Eume so close, our recommendation is that you spend a second night in this village to know the wonders it has to offer. We assure you that the visit to Fragas leaves no one indifferent. This forest is one of the green treasures of Galicia and is one of the Natural Parks. Without a doubt, Pontedeume is a must for nature lovers: beach and forest, what more could you ask for?

In Betanzos you can enjoy a walk through its beautiful old town. In it, different Gothic monuments stand out, both civil and religious, and it is interesting to note that the medieval gates of the city have been preserved. All this has been declared a historical-artistic site because of its enormous heritage value. So you know, Betanzos offers you a fantastic cultural evening!
After Betanzos the road enters into the magical interior of Galicia. In the section that runs from Hospital de Bruma to Sigüeiro and then to Santiago, you can enjoy wonderful rural landscapes. This can help you to know the culture of the place and enjoy moments of authentic disconnection. Perfect for stress relief!

Carefree fun

As you may have noticed by now, this route is magical. Along the English Way you will find everything: history, heritage, shining natural landscapes, beach, sun, coast, the intimacy of the beautiful rural landscapes… and of course, as it cannot be otherwise in Galicia, an exquisite gastronomy. We are looking forward to it!

And in case you still have any doubts, we would like to tell you that… you don’t have to worry about anything! Although this route is not as busy as others, it is perfectly signposted and recognized. Services during the tour are not as abundant as on other routes, so you will need to stock up well before you start. But that’s okay, it’s actually an advantage, because you can enjoy the tour with more peace and quiet.

We invite you to let yourself go and take the first step!

We hope you liked this article and we encourage you to tell us about your experience on the English Way. And for dog lovers, we encourage you to consider walking with your pet. Here you will find all the information about dogs!

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