How to make the Camino de Santiago in solitaire

One of the most common problems in a traveler’s life is that he does not always have someone to accompany him on his travels. However, this does not have to be an inconvenience, but may even be an advantage. The Camino de Santiago in solitaire can be a magnificient adventure.

However, if you want to do the Camino de Santiago in solitaire, it is necessary for you to be mental and to have an open mentality tending to encounter and discovery. Remember also that how you are doing the road alone you can not distribute the weight, so you can not forget anything in the backpack. That’s why you should read our article on what to take to the Camino de Santiago.

However, the question you should ask yourself is if you really want to do it alone or if you prefer to do it in a group.

Quieres hacer el camino de santiago y no sabes por donde empezar

Is it better to do the road alone or in a group?

It should be noted that the Way should be done in a group if you are a newcomer. There are several reasons for this:

First place.

It is important to point out that it is essential to distribute the weight of the team among several people, since it is not normal to be used to walking long distances typical of the route.

Second place.

It is necessary to indicate that in case you get lost you can always go to more than one mobile, reason why if one is being charged or is without battery you can go to another one.

Third and last place.

It is convenient to point out that the ludic experiences can make you become more fond of the way and that you do it again, this time already in solitary.

The reasons for doing this are only obvious: firstly, that it is always easier to meet people if you go alone than if you go in a group, because in the second situation we will cling more to the group and there will always be someone who does not want to deal with strangers or who gives him some fear or concern.

In addition, you have to bear in mind that there is a greater autonomy when it comes to carrying out the stages. It’s no use having to stick to the requirements of one of the types of walkers on the road. For example, the Spartan hiker will prevent you from enjoying the scenery and you will have to go all the way to the horse slaughter with your tongue out.

Camino de Santiago en solitario

Autonomy is fundamental when it comes to having a good travel experience, being able to stop to enjoy the landscape you want and if you need to stop from time to time to be able to do so without worries.

Furthermore, in the worst case scenario we can always join another group and thus meet a different group with people from different places and nationalities.


What do you have to wear if you’re going alone?

To point out that to delimit what you must carry is complex, in the first place, because in order not to carry excess weight if you are going to have to abandon certain things that would make the crossing more comfortable for you. You have to prioritize your hygiene and safety.

Therefore, the first-aid kit must always be one of our companions, whether for the Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago or for any mountain route we do. The mobile is another imperative need to be able to contact civilization easily in case we get lost. There should be no other motivation, because to miss the journey just to be aware of social networks is an enormous stupidity, sincerely. The Way offers such a spectacular route and views that we will never be able to replace them with a mobile phone or with what social networks provide.

Remember to also bring all your documentation so that in case they have to take care of you, they can quickly identify you and contact your family. This is fundamental.

Tips for doing the Camino de Santiago in solitaire

First of all, it is essential and therefore vital that you carry values such as knowing how to appreciate moments alone in your backpack. It is useless to make the way only if you are not going to value it as it deserves, for that better do it in group.

Secondly, the best advice we can offer you is to socialize. Socializing is one of the keys to the ancient survival of the pilgrim, since he had to get close to each other to see if he could exchange objects or meals with other pilgrims. Trade was therefore essential. However, it is true that it is necessary for you to socialize in order to have a truly enriching experience.

Camino de Santiago sola

I understand you might be embarrassed. However, the pilgrim is usually an open-minded person, so no one will judge you or reproach you for coming to greet you.

The mobile, which we told you was essential before, must always be charged because you don’t have another one. For this reason, it is best to have a large capacity power bank so that you are never left behind. Which is especially dangerous at night.

The night is not only the perfect shelter for different animals and bugs, but also prevents a correct orientation. That’s why it’s very easy for you to get lost. This is certainly not a good thing because it’s not just that you get lost more easily, it’s that finding yourself in semi-forested areas can be an impossible mission.

The schedule of the solitary pilgrim

You must remember that not being tied to a group gives you greater freedom of time, which can be both an advantage and an inconvenience. It is an advantage because it allows you to go totally at your own pace, without anyone making you stop or force the march.

However, it should be noted that it is best to follow the standard schedule. The same schedule you would do if you were in a group, i.e. leave very early in the morning. That will allow you to stop as many times as you want without fear of being done at night.

In addition, the good thing about following the standard schedule is that you will meet more people and you will be able to socialize more and better. Since at night people tend to be tired and less reluctant than in the morning. In the morning, unless you’re sleepy, you’re usually full of energy.

More advantages of doing it alone

The main advantage is that it allows you to discover yourself. Facing a test as hard as this journey and doing it without anyone’s help improves your self-esteem and your ability to overcome. It underlies the need to always be asking for help to do everything, so common in youth.

Camino de Santiago alone

In addition, you will get the best version of yourself because the challenge will increase your spirit of overcoming, this way elements as common and harmful as stress will be reduced because you will learn to handle them better.

Going out of your comfort zone allows you to be more creative and get closer to other cultures. In this way you will eliminate the thoughts of intolerance that are so common in people who do not travel. Plus, you’ll find out what your true degree of independence is. So you know, go for it! We hope you already know how to do the Camino de Santiago in solitaire.