O Grove Father Sarmiento

Information about O Grove

The products of the sea, the beaches and the thermal waters turn O Grove into a place of great attraction for travellers and tourists from all over the world. This villa has a characteristic peninsula shape and is sheltered by the Arousa estuary, resulting in a privileged microclimate. It has an important cultural and scenic heritage, an excellent gastronomic tradition and many talents to surprise its visitors with. This idyllic spot has been inhabited since the Bronze Age and is home to history, nature and leisure like no other.

What to see and do in O Grove

The walk of Pedras Negras

The Pedras Negras walk is in San Vicente do Mar and provides a walk to enjoy the beauty and let yourself be enveloped by the natural landscape. The path takes the passer-by along a wooden walkway that runs along all the beaches and coves in the area, in a few kilometers of distance. Here you can see the “cons”, stones with curious shapes that come out of the sea and are one of the great attractions of the place, many people come to photograph this gift of nature.

Black Stones O Grove

The Lagoon A Bodeira

This beautiful lagoon is located in the surroundings of the Mexilloeira beach and is isolated from the sea by a large sand dune. The groups of people come together around the Bodeira Lagoon creating a favourable environment for migratory birds that move to the place. It is the only one with these characteristics in the province of Pontevedra and it is worth visiting, contemplating it and adding it to the route.

Lagoon Bodeira O Grove

The island of Toxa

The Illa da Toxa is a reference of the thermal waters and even beauty products are marketed in this place. Here you can find all kinds of spa hotels, spas and other proposals to exploit the properties of the thermal waters and spend a relaxing day, of course, in an exceptional location. It also has an excellent forest park where you can lose yourself in a long walk and you can visit the Church of San Caralampio, a chapel built in the nineteenth century with the peculiarity of being completely covered with scallop shells.

Illa Toxa O grove

Cultural heritage

In addition to the picturesque landscapes and the delicacies of the sea, in O Grove you can also enjoy a cultural and artistic heritage of great level. Along its streets there is a permanent exhibition of about 50 statues that has its own route, and every year they add some more acquisitions. It is also of great interest to visit the Museo da Salga, dedicated to the important seafaring world that has great presence in the town and where the process of salting fish between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries is explained.

The viewpoint of A Siradella

The Mirador de A Siradella is located at the highest point of O Grove and provides truly exceptional views. From this location you can see a good part of the coast of the town, the beach of A Lanzada and, in the background, the island of Ons. It is located on the mountain with the same name and is worth the journey to contemplate the beauty of this town in its fullness.

Viewpoint Siradella O Grove

The Hillfort of Adro Vello

Next to the beach do Carreiro remains an archaeological site sample of the most distant past of O Grove. It is a castro that preserves part of the ancient Roman villa that inhabited the place in the 5th century. There are also the remains of a Visigothic church from the 2nd century and part of a wall dating from medieval times, a fortification dating from after the 12th century. A conglomerate that shows the evolution of the buildings over the centuries of the most interesting.


Gastronomy is one of O Grove’s strong points and this special talent is also a great tourist attraction. Its fresh fish and seafood are a delight and you can enjoy the best recipes in any restaurant in the area. In addition, it has a Michelin Star in the restaurant Culler de Pau for the most exquisite palates.

A natural seaside resort: the beaches

The properties of the waters of O Grove and its characteristic algae offer a natural spa within reach of any traveller. On the beaches of A Lanzada, Raeiros and Area da Cruz you are guaranteed a session of curative waters with the best views. These absorb the minerals from the sea to provide the skin with the best of care, so in addition to enjoying a day in the sun, a good cleansing bath is a must. They rejuvenate the skin, are great for colds or flu, fight cellulite and even stomach disorders.


Mapa de O Grove