O Grove Father Sarmiento

Information about O Grove

The products of the sea, the beaches and the thermal waters turn O Grove into a place of great attraction for travellers and tourists from all over the world. This villa has a characteristic peninsula shape and is sheltered by the Arousa estuary, resulting in a privileged microclimate. It has an important cultural and scenic heritage, an excellent gastronomic tradition and many talents to surprise its visitors with. This idyllic spot has been inhabited since the Bronze Age and is home to history, nature and leisure like no other.

What to see and do in O Grove

The walk of Pedras Negras

The Pedras Negras walk is in San Vicente do Mar and provides a walk to enjoy the beauty and let yourself be enveloped by the natural landscape. The path takes the passer-by along a wooden walkway that runs along all the beaches and coves in the area, in a few kilometers of distance. Here you can see the “cons”, stones with curious shapes that come out of the sea and are one of the great attractions of the place, many people come to photograph this gift of nature.

Black Stones O Grove