Different ways

Over time The Way of Saint James in its different variants has been growing and the infrastructure is greatly improved as there has been an increase in them. From more hostels, hostels, hotels or bars and restaurants, to luxury facilities such as spas or spas. The Way is an arduous task and the body feels the fatigue that accumulates after each stage.

On the one hand we will be able to enjoy the Way of Saint James by the French way lodging us in the best lodgings that we have selected meticulously in which you will enjoy in addition to all those that the Way offers to us, of the comfort that we will take charge of lending to him.

Perhaps the option that best suits those who want to relax is the one in which after each stage the pilgrim can relax either with a massage or a spa, a different way to end each day and enjoy the road.

Finally, although it is not usual, a way of doing the Way of St. James would be by car. More and more people are opting for this option either because of time, limitation or a first contact. We will be able to enjoy bordering the North of the peninsula of magical places with a spectacular beauty.

Por último, aunque no sea usual, una forma de realizar el Camino de Santiago sería en coche. Cada vez más y más personas optan por esta opción ya sea por tiempo, limitación o por una primera toma de contacto. Podremos disfrutar bordeando el Norte de la península de lugares mágicos con una belleza espectacular.


The French way by Car

The French way by Car

6 nights of accommodation
Baggage Transport
Travel Insurance

Relax Way

Relax Way (110km)

6  nights of accommodation
Baggage Transport
Travel Insurance

VIP Accommodation

VIP Accommodation (110km)

6 nights of accommodation
Baggage Transport
Travel Insurance



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