Castro Urdiales • Get to know a city with a historic centre and super attractive beaches.

If you’re looking for a weekend trip to Castro Urdiales, here are a few. This coastal city located in the autonomous community of Cantabria has one of the most impressive historical centres in Spain. But also, it attracts very much by its beautiful beaches, delicious gastronomy, traditional parties and cultural tours.

Situated in front of the Cantabrian Sea and a few kilometres from Santander and Villa de Bilbao, Castro Urdiales (also close to the Basque Country) has been seen as a city full of beauty. It has an excellent tourist offer that has been able to attract hundreds of thousands every year.

And to discover it, take a look at our itinerary so you know what to see, what to do and where to eat in this region with just over 31,900 inhabitants.


What to do in Castro Urdiales?

A tour of northern Spain must include a stop in the city of Castro Urdiales. Spending time in this beautiful region will allow you to live one of the best experiences of your life. And to make your stay perfect, do any of the available leisure activities. Ready?!

Enjoy its beautiful beaches

To speak of Castro Urdiales is to make obligatory reference to its beautiful beaches. Arenillas is a magnificent option to enjoy the salt water, the sun and sand.

With 150 square meters, is one of the smallest beaches in the region, but still worth going with the family to disconnect for a while. Other options to visit are Brazomar, Oriñón, El Pedregal and Ostede. Ostende is a quiet beach, ideal for the little ones.

Tour the city through routes

The circular route is the most attractive. With a little more than 16 kilometres and low difficulty that you can do with children, it will take you to charming places such as Mount Cerrado. The path is well signposted and contains trails that will allow you to enter the forest.

Also essential, the route Castro Urdiales – Brazomar will take you through the historic centre.

It is ideal for getting to know the city, its medieval buildings and its history. Take the opportunity to take some pictures of yourself at the Roman Medieval Bridge, which, although not finished, is one of the main attractions of the city.

Visit parks and clubs… you’re going to love them.

The Castro Urdiales Yacht Club is an excellent alternative. There you will find a library, TV room and sailing school. Catolino Park is a good option if you want to spend pleasant moments surrounded by nature.

You can also visit Amestoy Park. It has beautiful gardens and impressive green areas that are an invitation to stay and never leave again.

Where to eat?

The local gastronomy is another incentive to set foot in the territory. It’s true that Castro Urdiales eats delicious food, but the food tastes glorious after having spent energy on city tours. Pamper the palate in any of our selections:

Asador El Puerto

It is located very close to the port. And it has become a real alternative. It stands out for its good attention and pleasant atmosphere. But the best is its fish dishes. Try the hake or the anglerfish, because they are made of “rechupete”.

La Arboleda

This is a restaurant well known for its good food. If you want to eat fresh seafood, don’t miss it. Jibión or grilled prawns are good starters. But if you want to try stronger dishes, ask for a juicy grilled fish or octopus.

La Fuente

Delicious food, excellent service and good atmosphere. These three qualities make La Fuente one of the best restaurants in Castro Urdiales. Overflowing anchovies, roasted peppers and mushrooms with ham and goat cheese will enchant you. All this for an incredible price that is also quite attractive.

Where to sleep?

Find the best accommodations in Castro Urdiales here. The city also has good hotels with super comfortable rooms for the enjoyment of tourists. Here are some options:

Hotel La Ronda

It is located in the center of the city, a few meters from the beach, so you can get there on foot. It has simple but comfortable rooms with free WiFi, private bathroom and TV. Receptionists are attentive 24 hours a day, so it’s a great alternative.

Agua Viva Spa Castro Urdiales

Located in the town of Mioño, a few meters from Castro Urdiales, this place has become a reference. It is quite elegant thanks to its wooden design, but also offers comfort to guests. Dreamed rooms and quality service is what Agua Viva Spa offers.

Sercotel Las Rocas

The best thing about this hotel is its views of Brazomar beach. It is one of the most popular places to stay in the region. It combines first class service, excellent lodging and advanced technology. Its design and decoration in the most classic style is, without a doubt, quite attractive.

How do I get there?

Getting there is so easy, you won’t need a map. You can take the roads CN – 634 or motorway A – 8 if you want to start by car from Santander or Bilbao, respectively. The journey is extremely short.

Both Santander and Bilbao have airports where you can land from any other city in Spain. From there, you will take a bus or vehicle to reach your destination.

They also have train stations that do not pass through Castro Urdiales. But if you decide to travel to Cantabria in this way, you will need other means of transport to complete the journey.

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