Under the perspective of “learning by doing” and the conviction that nowadays education is not only limited to schools, but that it can happen at any time and in any place, the Way of Saint James offers multiple educational possibilities, symbol and pretext to mobilize the students and to extend their competences within an interdisciplinary, cooperative, coeducational and environmentally sensitive educational proposal. For all these reasons, the French Way is a great option for a group school trip.

Arrival in Sarria (Lugo)

Arrival in Sarria, welcome meeting, presentation of credentials and gifts, first night’s accommodation. This is the moment to explain to the students how this school trip will work during the French Way.

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Sarria – Portomarín

Dificultad LowTiempo estimado 5h 30’Distancia22,75 Km

After spending the first night in Sarria, students will begin to share emotions and reflections on the journey that awaits them.

Around noon you will cross the bridge over the Miño River and arrive at Portomarín, the town flooded by the Belesar reservoir. If you make your Way in autumn, you will still be able to see the remains of the old village.

The green color of Galician landscapes will accompany you for 24 kilometers. They will cross rural areas full of pastures and small villages, crossing forests and small rivers.

The religious heritage is one of the main attractions of this stage, the Romanesque churches of Ferreiros and Barbadelos are architecture treasures that deserve a visit. Along the way the students will seal their credentials and share moments. Around noon, and after crossing the bridge over Miño River the group will reach Portomarín.

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Portomarín – Palas de Rei

Dificultad LowTiempo estimado 5h 30’Distancia25 Km

On this day, some students might feel the impact of the first stage. Teachers and guides will give a short presentation of the stage before to start, a good time to exchange opinions and solve questions.

This stage combines 25 km of road and mountain paths. It is worth deviating a few meters from the main road to visit the “castro of Castromaior” (one of the most important archaeological sites of the Iron Age in the north-western peninsula). In the village of Portos, huge ants will welcome you and invite you to rest and have a snack. From here it is possible to visit the Monastery and the Church of Vilar de Donas.

Once in Palas de Rei, after lunch, students will have the whole afternoon free to rest and share sensations, experiences and reflections.

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Palas de Rei – Arzúa

Dificultad MediumTiempo estimado 7h 30’Distancia28,8 Km

After breakfast, students will start the way to Arzúa (a city known for its famous cheese) walking the longest stage of the itinerary. Today will be above all a day of effort, improvement and companionship: 29 kilometers separate us from the goal. At midday they will arrive in Melide, coinciding with the middle of the stage. Perfect time and place to try one of the most famous dishes, Galician Octopus.

This effort will be rewarded when reaching Ribadiso de Abaixo (where you can swim in the river and enjoy the beautiful scenery and magical environment). Once in Arzúa, the mind and the body will have to rest.

(There is the possibility of splitting this stage into two sleeping in Melide. You can check the price on the price section or ask for more information).

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Arzúa – Pedrouzo

Dificultad LowTiempo estimado 4h 40’Distancia19,2 Km

After the presentation of the stage, the group will head towards O Pedrouzo. This stage is a little softer than the previous one. Along the way we will find small villages, streams and eucalyptus forests. They will walk through the flat and comfortable terrain, finding many bars, shops and places to rest.

The journey is coming to its end; the students will discover how little by little they have filled their backpack with experiences, reflections and new friendships.

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Pedrouzo – Santiago de Compostela

Dificultad LowTiempo estimado 5h 00’Distancia19 Km

It is the most special stage of the journey. The day will start with enthusiasm and joy for everyone. Only one last effort is required to get to Santiago de Compostela. We highly recommend to start walking early in order to arrive to Santiago as soon as possible to enjoy the rest of the day in the city.

Monte Do Gozo it’s a strategic point, located just 4 km from the Cathedral. Once there we will observe in the distance the towers of the long-awaited Cathedral of Santiago and we will feel a great personal satisfaction. We must let ourselves be guided downhill, the end of our Camino is near. We will arrive at Obradoiro Square, where the Cathedral is located.

After embracing the Apostle, the group will go to the Pilgrim’s Office to get their well deserved Compostela, a diploma certifying the completion of at least 100 km of the Camino.

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Return day and goodbye

Mission completed. After sealing the credential at every stage and collecting the Compostela, we deserve this great reward. A good opportunity to get to know the city, enjoy its culture, people and gastronomy, after all the effort invested the group deserves it.

You did it! Congratulations pilgrims!

** After leaving the accommodation, our services will be concluded.

Ask us in case you would like to add an extra night in Santiago or choosing a different Itinerary (Portuguese way from Tui to Santiago)


  • 7 days / 6 nights of accommodation
  • Backpack transfer service (1 package – máx. 20 kg.)
  • Half board (breakfast and dinner)
  • Support vehicle between stages
  • Informative dossier and route maps
  • Credential (Pilgrim’s passport)
  • “Vieira” (Camino Shell) and T-shirt as a gift
  • One teacher travels for free for every 20 students
  • Travel assistance insurance
  • Extra Night in Melide: 30 €/pax
  • Extra Night in Santiago: 20 €/pax
  • 6 meals supplement: 70 €/pax
  • Professional Tour Guide: check prices
  • Transport from the school: check prices


  • 299 € pax private shelters


Our accommodation will be in private shelters. This type of accommodation consists of shared rooms organized by bunk beds (rooms for 8 to 20 people). Bathrooms and showers are divided by gender and have common areas such as kitchen, laundry or meeting spaces for conferences and activities.

Albergues privadosPrivate Shelters 299 €

* All accommodations are of the best quality, carefully selected after years of experience and approved by our customers.


Accommodation in Private Shelters

The private hostels have perfect facilities to rest. The rooms are usually organized in bunk beds for 8 to 10 people approximately (depending on the hostel), the mattresses are of good quality, and they also provide us with covers, disposable pillows, as well as blankets if we need them. The bathrooms and showers are divided by gender and the facilities include equipped kitchens, laundry, leisure rooms, etc. It is the most authentic option if you want to make a group school trip along the French Way.

Accommodation in Private Shelters

The rooms are arranged in bunk beds, from 8 to 10 people approximately. The mattresses are of good quality, blankets and disposable cushions are provided.  The bathrooms and showers are divided by gender and the facilities are equipped with kitchen, laundry, leisure rooms, etc. It has the perfect facilities to rest. It is the most authentic option if you want to make a group school trip along the French Way.