Cambados de Pontevedra • What to see and what to do in this seaside town of the Rías Baixas

Today we will make a strategic stop in Cambados, a town in the Galician province of Pontevedra with one of the best-kept and most representative Historical Centres in Spain. It is a small city that for its history, culture, traditions and monuments has been considered an open-air museum.

It is known for being part of the popular Ruta do Viño Rias Baixas. But also for being one of the most privileged places in the region of Salnés. This fishing village made up of Cambados, Santo Tomé and Fetiñáns also guarantees the tasting of a delicious gastronomy made up mainly of fish and seafood, and of the best Albariño wines.

Cambados de Pontevedra has a lot to offer. Therefore, we invite you to walk its streets and discover every corner of this town founded by King Ferdinand II in the twelfth century, and whose location was strategic for the defense of what we know today as the Roads of Santiago.

What to see and what to do in Cambados de Pontevedra?

If Cambados is in your list of places to visit in the next holidays, take into consideration this itinerary where we will show with details what to see and what to do in one of the most beautiful regions of the Rias Baixas. To find out more, don’t hesitate to review this guide:

Historic hull


There is no doubt that the local history is interesting to the hundreds of thousands of tourists. And to get to know it, a stroll through the Old Town is essential. This space of legendary beauty has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, which makes it a place of true charm where walking its streets is a privilege.

Fefiñáns Square


This is another one of the essential places of the city. In fact, it is considered the most beautiful square in Galicia, being the Pazo de Ferfiñáns and San Benito Church two of its most important buildings.

Ferfiñáns Manor House


The Albariño “L” shaped winery is one of the most outstanding buildings in the region. It alludes to the Italian Renaissance, so it is a must for lovers of art and culture. If you want to know more, take some time to visit it.

San Benito Church


St. Benedict’s Church doesn’t go unnoticed. It is located inside the Fediñáns Square and looks imposing. Let yourself be surprised by its baroque style bell towers. Would you like to know more about this monument? Then include it in your travel itinerary.

Ruins of Santa Mariña Dozo


Of course it is one of the favorite places for tourists and one of the points suggested by locals. They represent the ruins of an old Gothic church, which was refurbished during the fifteenth century and later abandoned in the nineteenth century.

Pastor’s Viewpoint


A short distance from the Ruins of Santa Mariña Dozo is one of the most important viewpoints in Galicia. Yes, the Mirador Da Pastora from where the views of Cambados de Pontevedra are truly incredible.

Where to eat?

Being a fishing village, Cambados offers to taste the best fish and seafood of the region. And here, some of the restaurants where you can eat them without fear of anything.

Yayo Daporta

If you are in Cambados the first thing you should do is visit Yayo Daporta, a famous restaurant whose quality has earned it a Michelin star. Its dishes include razor blades, scallops, tuna and doradas. The dishes are definitely unsurpassed, with abundant portions and desire prices. It’s located at Rúa Hospital, 7.

A Fonte Do Viño

This restaurant has everything to be one of the best. Every day they serve quality seafood, offer good service and have a quiet atmosphere. We can’t complain about the rations, as they may be so abundant that we won’t be able to eat them all. As a plus, they will serve one of the best Albariño wines. It is located in Plaza De As Rodas.

El Rincón del Tío Paco

The delights of the sea can only be found in this restaurant. If we taste the knives, nécoras or zamburiñas of sure we will be with desire to return in next vacations. The attention of those in charge is a great advantage. If you decide to go to eat at El Roncón del Tío Paco look for it in Plaza de Fafiñáns.

Where to sleep?

Next, the best hotels and lodgings of Cambados de Pontevedra so that the stay in the Galician region is comfortable.

Hotel El Duende

We go to the Historical Center of Cambados until where the Hotel El Duende is, one of the places of lodging better valued of the Rías Baixas. It has comfortable rooms, free Internet access and other services such as flat screen TV and free breakfast.

Parador de Cambados

On the Galician coasts you will find this place of accommodation that will allow us to enjoy a rural space of magical beauty. The best thing is that it is located very close to the sea. If we talk about services, we must highlight its free Internet connection, parking and outdoor swimming pool, to mention just a few.

Hotel Restaurant Casa Rosita

In addition to comfortable rooms and super modern spaces, Hotel Restaurante Casa Rosita has managed to impress us with its beautiful gardens. The place is truly relaxing, as it has a rural environment of desire. It has free parking and WiFi, and pool service.

How do I get there?


Si viajas en autobús desde cualquier lugar de España, tienes que saber que la estación más cercana a Cambados queda en Rianxo, a unos 15 kilómetros de distancia. Desde allí, coge otra unidad o taxi para llegar hasta tu destino.

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