Arca • Enjoy the beautiful Galicia before arriving in Santiago

Arca is the capital of the municipality of O Pino, located in the province of A Coruña, in the autonomous community of Galicia and is recognized as the last place you should visit before arriving in Santiago.

Pedrouzo is the main centre of this parish, where you will enjoy the traditional Galicia with its green and beautiful landscapes, and the modern Galicia with all the services you might need.

Arca is located less than 20 kilometres from Santiago de Compostela, so it is the last stage for most pilgrims. In this article we will talk a little about the attractions you will find in Arca and give you some tips to make your visit a success.


What to see and do in Arca?

Once in Arca you will enjoy admiring several interesting architectural remains, among which we must mention the Roman bridge over the river Mera and the fifteen Celtic castros.

Originally from the Castro period, you can find the San Lorenzo Pastor fort which still has part of its defence and other fort such as Oza, in San Mamede de Ferreiros, or A Terroeira. Nearby you will see a modio de broce with a Latin inscription from the 4th century.

A visit not to be missed during your stay in Arca is the tour of its most important religious monument, the church of Lardeiros, known as “A Catedral de a montaña”. You must also visit the pazo of the Marquis of Monte Sacro and if you still have some time, the Pazo of Porto Outeiro and the Pazo of Dos Casas in Arca.

Before continuing your journey and arriving in Santiago, you can pass by the river beach of the Tambre, which is located in a beautiful natural setting with facilities for the enjoyment of visitors.

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Where to eat?

In Arca you will find several excellent places to taste the local specialties. Below we will describe some of them.

O Empalme

After a long walk you’ll appreciate the delight of this place. Here you will be able to taste the best Galician food at a very good price and with excellent attention.

Casa Nené

Widely recommended by all its visitors, this place offers an excellent 10 euro menu and a la carte specialities. It offers a good price and pleasant attention. Do not hesitate to have breakfast in this restaurant too.

Los Caracoles Restaurant

They demonstrate their many years of experience with their wonderful attention and delicious Galician cuisine. Their specialty is snails with albariño or lacón con grelos. Don’t think twice about visiting this restaurant, as the evaluation of its visitors is excellent.

Where can I sleep?


In Arca, specifically in O Pedrouzo you will find several options to rest at ease. Here there are two public hostels available with large capacity and all the necessary services. Below we will briefly describe some of the best places to stay.

O Burgo

Located in O Pino, this place has 24 places in bunk beds and 10 in private double beds. Here you can enjoy all the necessary services for a good stay, including free WiFi, hot water, heating in winter and computers. Besides, you can hire the washing machine service for 4 ? and the dryer for 4 ?.

Porta de Santiago

This place offers a total of 54 places, of which 15 beds for pilgrims with credentials are available until 16:00. Here you can enjoy a beautiful outdoor terrace, heating, air conditioning, bathrooms with all services, internet, first aid kit, water and soda machine, laundry and shopkeeper.

Pensión Platas

This hostel type place offers 24 comfortable rooms with bathroom, here you can enjoy an excellent accommodation for 55 euros. You will find access for the disabled and bike parking.


How to get to Arca?

If you take the N-547 road from Compostela to Lugo, you will arrive directly at the capital of Arca. From this place there are only 15 km to Santiago de Compostela. If you want an alternative route you can take the N-634 that goes from Ribadeo to Santiago.

The nearest airport is located in Santiago de Compostela.

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